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Healthcare Savings Alliance Presents

How to circumvent PBM pricing and saving lots of money on Rx.

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Healthcare Savings Alliance Presents

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  1. Presents: The Alternative to PBM Pricing © 2012 HEALTHCARE SAVINGS ALLIANCE. All rights reserved.

  2. Exploding health care costs 50 million uninsured Lack of price transparency $400 million Rx market Non-insureds at risk for massively over-paying for Rx

  3. RxCut+A Concept whose time has come.

  4. Technology & industry know-how Market transparency & consumer empowerment RxCut leads the way in containing exploding Rx Costs …with a FREE Product!

  5. Program overview • Everyonequalifies • No enrollment required • No collection of any personalinformation • 100% HIPAA compliant • No activationperiod • One card works for the entirefamily (incl. Rx for pets) • Unlimiteduse and never expires • 100% of FDA approved drugs covered, no limitations RxCut is the first transparent PBA* * Pharmacy Benefit Administrator

  6. Purchase ANY FDA approved drug • Includes cancer drugs • Up to 95% off retail pricing!

  7. Patients 2 under-insured 3 insured 1 uninsured Both groups have to pay RETAIL PRICING at the pharmacy for their prescription drugs No health care coverage at all & no pharmacy benefits (50 Million or 16.3% – source US Dept. of H&HS) Limited Benefits, No Prescription Plan, High Deductibles, Seniors in donut hole 210,000,000 Americans with full coverage & a pharmacy prescription plan This group is being disadvantaged by the same entities that were created to help them… PBM’s

  8. How PBM’s operate • PBM’s are 3rd party administrators • Authorize all Rx transactions • Keep electronic records • 3 largest PBM’s are Medco, Caremark-CVS and Express- Scripts • Make up 86% of the insured market. • Large purchasing power • Negotiate prices with insurance plan managers and pharmacies in order to maximize their spread Last year, the ‘Big Three’ generated over $80 billion of non-disclosed revenue making an average of $35.00 – (65%) gross profit on each prescription transaction!

  9. We have found a way to eliminate the PBM’s involvement for millions of prescription transactions and we are thus saving lots of money for the consumer.

  10. Who benefits? • All uninsured, underinsured • 210 million insured (to varying degrees with varying plans) • Affiliates (distributors) More on this later….

  11. The mechanics of the RxCut card Front: With routing info Your organization here Back: With instructions Our card rides the same tracks as all the PBM’s (100% System-compatible)

  12. Like any insurance card…..only better These tracks allow us to stay clear of PBM pricing, saving consumers substantially. Routing Tracks Rx Copay PBM of Record

  13. Accepted at over 64,000 Pharmacies!! Co-Payment RxCutDiscount Price Cash Price

  14. RxCut Drug Search Engine…Powered by WAL-MART PHARMACY1569 NORTH EXPRESSWAYGRIFFIN, GA 30223Distance: 2.52 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $7.84 RITE AID PHARMACY 117651655 ZEBULON ROADGRIFFIN, GA 30223Distance: 3.21 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $11.06 CVS PHARMACY736 SOUTH HILL STREETGRIFFIN, GA 30224Distance: 0.69 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $13.41 WALGREENS #106321602 N EXPRESSWAYGRIFFIN, GA 30223Distance: 1.53 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $13.71 CLAXTON COLE PHARMACY131 W TAYLOR STGRIFFIN, GA 30223Phone: (770) 227-2428Distance: 0.07 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $7.75 HOBBS PHARMACY AND GIFTS220 W COLLEGE STSUITE DGRIFFIN, GA 30224Phone: (770) 228-2788Distance: 0.19 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $7.75 U SAVE IT PHARMACY330 E SOLOMON STGRIFFIN, GA 30223-3316Phone: (770) 227-7772Distance: 0.29 MilesTotal cost for all medications: $7.75 The average price differential between the highest and the lowest offer in a given market is between 44% and 61%! The average price differential between the highest and the lowest offer in a given market is between 44% and 61%!

  15. The motivations for affiliation are very diverse – the cause is always good!

  16. Affiliate categories

  17. Why affiliate with RxCut? • Help patients with rising Rx costs • Create goodwill • Raise funds • Create goodwill • Help public • Create goodwill • Promote brand/company • Create goodwill • Offer free healthcare benefit to staff

  18. RxCut organization

  19. This is a unique opportunity to earn residual income for years to come. We appoint only a limited number of affiliates per market. The potential in the $400 billion Rx market is obviously huge. Call now to secure your spot and sign the best possible contract in line with your type of industry and your ambition. 800-515-1326 ext. 14 Best time to call: 9am-6pm Eastern

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