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For my ENC 1102 class

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  1. The topic I used in my paper to argue for change was how the high divorce rate in our country can negatively impact the minds and behaviors of the children involvedlike with psychological disorders, violent behavior against others, addiction to drugs, jail, dropping out of school, or suicide. Divorce Causing Harm to Children

  2. My Website • On the next couple of slides is the website I created to make more people aware of the negative effects of divorce in regards to the children. Each labeled box has a link that connects people with a bunch of different sites like statistics, counseling, and the specific effects divorce has. I thought that if I brought a lot of different sites to one single location, that it would help people learn about the effects and would be easier for more people to become aware of the problem. Educating people of the problems with divorce is the biggest and easiest way I thought of to get more people involved which will hopefully make others want to be more careful with relationships and having children which will lower the divorce rate and the number of children negatively affected. It could also push others to create counseling services or other programs to help the children affected or to help couples save their marriages.

  3. The top half of my website

  4. Bottom half of my website • I have a couple pictures in the middle representing divorce that go back and forth like PowerPoint slides.

  5. Website Address • The URL for my website is: http://www.wix.com/whitedakin/learnaboutdivorce

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