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A History of Pearl Chokers PowerPoint Presentation
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A History of Pearl Chokers

A History of Pearl Chokers

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A History of Pearl Chokers

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  1. A History of Pearl Chokers Pearls are one of the most widely used and attractive jewelry items considered today. The use of these provides a stunning and attractive look and makes one stand out on occasions. Different types of jewelry items are available on the market with pearl choker being the most coveted one. People who are fond of pearls often wonder where they actually Cheap Tiffany And Co Jewelrycame from and want to gain information about its history. Like all other items these also have a history and its dates back to the 14th century.

  2. Most of the sea water pearls were found by the divers working in the Indian Ocean but later in the 14th century the earliest description of pearl diving was provided by attaching a cord to the diver's waist. Later the Spanish found a pearl bed which was 200 km north of Venezuelan coast. Discounted Tiffany Jewelry These are one of the oldest gems and one was also found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess in 520 BC. That gem is still displayed in the Louvre in Paris. Ancients though that this type of jewel was a symbol of moon and also had magical powers.

  3. Pearls were considered as valuable jewelry of that time and people above a certain rank were allowed to wear this precious jewelry in Rome. These are also considered as perfect wedding presents in the Hindu religion and are known for their pureness and innocence. The presentation of these is a vital part of the Hindu weddings. The word pearl is an English Discount Jewelry Online word which was discovered the 14th century. Some of the European countries also passed laws and regulations declaring people who could wear these precious jewels or not. In some countries teachers and lawyers were not allowed to wear chains made from pearls. Later with the passage of time these laws were changed and today almost all women own some kind of pearl jewelry whether expensive or cheap.

  4. After discovering these valuable jewels they were later turned into beautiful necklaces, bracelets and many other types. Pearl choker, drop necklaces and crafted earrings are now widely used and demanded by women. Many well known Tiffany Sale and reputable companies are now producing unique and stylish designs by using pearls. These are also available in different colors, styles, types and designs. You can easily find these in different price ranges that fit within your budget.