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Laundry tricks and tips

some tips and some tricks of the trade

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Laundry tricks and tips

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  1. Laundry Tips and Tricks Avoid Fix Fold Own photos

  2. Dailypets.co.uk, youdontsay.org, ehow.com

  3. Avoiding Wrinkleswhy not look sharp? • Don’t stuff dryer • Hang ‘em hot • Re-dry for 5-10 minutes with damp rag • Hang up in shower to steam Life.com, Real Simple Magazine

  4. Fixing greasy stainsThey’re not helpless! You’ll need: dish soap, toothbrush, simple green • Dab dish soap, lightly scrub • Spray simple green, lightly scrub • Leave it soapy, wash as normal Oprah

  5. Fold a Fitted SheetWhat? These fold? • Hold up lengthwise • Pair and tuck corners • Bring from left to right, hold with one hand • Bring gathered part over • Hold sheet up with gathered Part facing away • From left fold in thirds Own photos

  6. So what did you just tell me? • Don’t over stuff dryer, hang hot, re-dry with wet rag, steam in shower • Dish soap, simple green, and no more stains • Hold up lengthwise, tuck corners twice, and fold gathered together in thirds Own photos

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