animal testing l.
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animal testing

Animal Testing.

The goods and the bads about animal testing and why some people think it is wrong.

the good parts to animal testing
The good parts to animal testing.
  • Can lead to cure’s to disease’s instead of using people.
  • Don’t have to use or hurts human’s in the process.
  • Can find new medicine.
the bads to animal testing
The Bads to animal testing.
  • Can hurt animals while testing.
  • Can lead to bad results and tested on humans for bad results on humans.
  • So people think that animals are just as important as people.
  • 75% of animal testing leads to bad results on humans.

-70 million animals are force fed chemicals.

-Some animals are killed due to a bad mixture of chemicals.

-House hold hygiene products and make-ups are used on animals.

-No human pills are tested on animals.

my opinion
My opinion.
  • I think that animals testing is right in some ways and wrong in others like I think the use of animals instead of killing humans is good but I don’t think I the number of animals tested a year is right 70 MILLION Animals that’s a lot and think about how many must die…Its sad.