are you employable l.
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Out Of Syllabus - Career Success tips that no one taught you PowerPoint Presentation
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Out Of Syllabus - Career Success tips that no one taught you

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Out Of Syllabus - Career Success tips that no one taught you - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The book "Out of Syllabus" outlines the various gaps in your learning with regard to career success and also gives specific and precise inputs to help you. More details @

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are you employable

Are you Employable?

Are you aware of and have employability skills?

what any employer is looking for
What any Employer is looking for….
  • Education
    • Relevant exposure to conceptual knowledge
    • Educational institutes screening gives comfort of persons competency and capability
  • Attitude
    • Positive without any hang ups
    • Willing to dirty one’s hands
  • Employability
    • Soft skills
    • Career orientation & Planning
    • Capability to hit the ground running

No one teaches these crucial inputs

out of syllabus


Out OfSyllabus

Career Success Tips that no one taught You


Will be

available @

leading book

stores, Online

& also as an


what is out of syllabus
What is “Out Of Syllabus”

The book “Out of Syllabus” outlines the various gaps in your learning with regard to career success and also gives specific and precise inputs that can be actioned with ease. The book defines the career of a person in phases and details the crucial elements that need to go into each of these phases. The end result is a holistic, balanced orientation which would help the individual work towards successful careers. And more importantly, these inputs can also enable personal effectiveness and success.

  • Introduction and overview
  • Importance of career planning
  • The Three Bucket Theory of Career Planning
  • The 1st Bucket
  • The 2nd Bucket
  • The 3rd Bucket
  • The most important one; The 4th bucket!
  • The last word

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a video about

“Out Of


snippets from the book
Snippets from the book
  • Working smartly starts with planning and thinking ahead. A career for many people is something that happens almost by default. This is because the motivations, objectives and therefore the plan for their career are not very clear as also keep changing a lot.
  • Critical thinking: This is the skill to be able to think about any situation or context in an objective and independent manner without being influenced by how it is being presented, who presents it, etc. Again, it’s an important skill to become great leaders as anyone would not like to follow someone who is easily influenced by others.
  • At this juncture it is natural for you to wonder about talent and what is the correlation between talent and expertise. Talent is an innate orientation and aptitude to any particular thing. When talent is applied to practise, especially conscious and repeated practise it becomes expertise. Else, the talent becomes wasted.
  • Successful people have a formula, but there is nothing called as a universal success formula.
about the author
About the Author

V Rajesh is a Retail SME, Trainer, Author and Consultant. His previous book “The INDIAN reTALEs” is India’s first experiential book on India Retail and has been widely read. Rajesh has more than two decades of hands on experience in the corporate world and has worked in a variety of organisations spanning Indian start ups, Large Indian Corporates to Multi National organisations. He has extensive experience in a variety of working environments, corporate cultures and handling of teams.

published by v s publishers
Published by V&S Publishers

V&S Publishers stands worthy of its name as it emphasizes on Value and Substance. Having been in publishing trade for over 4 decades already, the directors recently decided to join hands and start their own venture to focus more on youth oriented subjects and thus was born V&S Publishers.

The aim is to provide books on diverse subjects that are not only rich in content but are affordably priced, informative and inspiring. V&S Publishers, are amongst the very few Indian publishers who have ventured with Ebooks and have their books selling on various platforms varying from Amazon to Apple to Barnes & Noble, Android, iBookstore etc.

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