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marda loop justice filmfestival

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marda loop justice filmfestival
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marda loop justice filmfestival

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  1. Friday Nov. 14Schedule 7:00 pmSAND AND SORROW A look into Darfur, killing and crimes against a nation’s own people, hear the call to be their hope Conversation with Ameera Abbo and Adam Abdalla, Darfurian Congress of Canada; whose lives are shaped by the ongoing conflict. Hear their passion, share in their effort.

  2. Friday Nov. 14Schedule 9:00 pm NEW YEAR BABY A journey to Cambodia to discover a family’s past Conversation with Dom Eam, Vice-President of the Calgary-Cambodian Association

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  4. Saturday Nov. 15 Schedule 1:00 DEVOTION AND DEFIANCE The struggle for religious freedom in Tibet Conversation with Tsering Chodon a member of the local Tibetan community

  5. Saturday Nov. 15 Schedule 2:00 THE FORGOTTEN WOMAN Calgary Premiere after Deepa Mehta’s Water…this beautiful depiction of the harsh reality of widowhood in India Conversation with Aradhana Parmar Associate Professor of Development Studies, University of Calgary

  6. Saturday Nov. 15 Schedule 4:30 TAR SANDS: THE SELLING OF ALBERTA Questions abound: from the pipefitter, to Peter Lougheed, to Washington lobbyist Conversation with Sid Dykstra, President, Opti Canada Andrew Nikiforuk, Author of “Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent”

  7. Saturday Nov. 15 Schedule 7:00 THE BATTLE OF CHERNOBYL Calgary Premiere The little known, dramatic story that followed the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explosion Conversation with David Marples, Professor, Dept of History & Classics, University of Alberta Mary Nokleby, Member, Citizens Advocating the Use of Sustainable Energy (CAUSE)

  8. Saturday Nov. 15 Schedule 9:00 A LESSON OF BELORUSSIAN Calgary Premiere Be inspired by youth organizing to be free, to achieve democracy for Belorussia Conversation with David Marples Professor, Dept of History & Classics, University of Alberta Sandra van den Brink Founder, Ayudamos Foundation

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  10. Sunday Nov. 16 Schedule 1:00 TANGIER TREEHOUSE Calgary Premiere Moroccan street children build a treehouse and find themselves transformed Conversation with Michael Lickers Executive Director and Founder of Ghost River Rediscovery

  11. Sunday Nov. 16 Schedule 2:30 WE ARE TOGETHER (Family Film) The moving story of South African children overcoming hardship with music Conversation with the Pritchard family from Calgary who’ve volunteered in a similar situation and region in South Africa

  12. Sunday Nov. 16 Schedule 4:30 THE UNFORSEEN Calgary Premiere When land development threatens Barton Spring, a fragile limestone aquifer, a community fights back Conversation with Mark Bennett Bow River Basin Council Brian Pincott City of Calgary Alderman Moderated by Jim Brown Host of the Calgary Eyeopener, CBC Radio One and Co-Director of the film Radiant City

  13. Sunday Nov. 16 Schedule 7:00 TRIAGE: DR. JAMES ORBINSKI’S HUMANITARIAN DILEMMA Orbinski revisits Somalia, Rwanda and the Congo and reflects on lives lost and lives saved, seeking to make sense of it all Conversation with Anne Aspler who stepped out to make a difference, founding the University Of Alberta Chapter Of Dignitas International

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  15. NGO Village 1. Ayudamos Foundation 2. Bolivia Kids 3. Cause Canada 4. Christmas Future 5. Citizens Advocating the Use of Sustainable Energy (Nuclear Free Alberta)

  16. NGO Village 6. Darfurian Congress of Canada 7. Dignitas International 8. Fibres of Life 9. Grandmothers to Grandmothers Calgary Region 10. Momentum

  17. NGO Village 11. Oxfam 12. River Park Church 13. Samaritans Purse 14. Sierra Club - Chinook Group 15. Ten Thousand Villages

  18. NGO Village 16. Tibet Canada Women’s Foundation 17. TVG - True Vision Ghana (Canada) 18. United Nations Association Canada – Calgary Chapter 19. CAWST - Centre For Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology 20. CRWRC – Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

  19. NGO Village 21. Ghost River Rediscovery 22. MCC – Mennonite Central Committee 23. Verde Tea 24. Good Giving

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