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Wedding Galleria

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Wedding Galleria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wedding Galleria - a complete guide to wedding services, supplies, wedding venues in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

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Wedding Galleria

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    1. Welcome

    2. About Us :- WEDDING GALLERIA  takes  away the hassle of running around looking for suppliers and information on planning the perfect wedding day for you and your partner. From balloons to bridal wear, cakes to cars, favours to flowers, venues to video and CD filming. Everything you’ll need can be found by browsing the categories and linking on to the area where you live. Why spend hours of your valuable time searching the yellow pages and internet when most of the hard work has been done for you.

    3. Classic or Modern Bridal Wear? Modern design is visible in almost everything we see and do. They are seen in clothing, cars, architectural landscapes, buildings, and many others. As the times go by, designs on bridal wears evolve as well. Classic or modern style is worn depending on the theme of the wedding, but most especially, depending on the choice. How to Choose Your Bridal Footwear Wedding is one of the best days for any woman. Naturally, you would want it to be perfect. Well…as close as it can get, from preparations up to the big day itself. One thing that you should not forget during the preparation stage is to choose your bridal footwear appropriately.

    4. Prominent Venues for Weddings in Northern Ireland If you are one of many people considering weddings in Northern Ireland, you probably know about the rich history and splendid landscape of the country. Not only is it popular for numerous remarkable castles, but also for its contemporary structures inspired by Lanyon’s creations such as the Belfast Castle and the Queen’s University. During the. Tips on Planning Weddings in Wales If you are to plan weddings in Wales, there would in fact be lots of things to consider. The list could go on extensively. From wedding gowns, rings, cakes, menu, and giveaways up to overall decoration of the place; these must all be fixed long before the wedding day comes.

    5. What you can Expect at Weddings in Scotland If one is to judge a wedding place by its history and location, everybody would love to hold their weddings in Scotland. Because of the number of castles which is a part of many little girls’ fantasy, it holds a special place in their heart that they may likely choose it for their wedding venue. Why Weddings in England are Famous Weddings in England resemble a fairytale-like happy ending. Not just because of the wonderful landscape it has that can be compared to the romantic setting of those epic love stories, but because of its fame as well. People from different parts of the world are all aware of the beauty of England.

    6. How Scented Candles Give Romantic Effects in Weddings There are so many uses of fragrant candles. Aromatic candles are manufactured from materials such as soy wax or regular wax, that are mixed with oils and other materials that have rich fragrances that, once lit, gives off a scent or aroma. This is why wedding reception candles are considered to be one of the. Why Use Tea-Light Candles on Evening Weddings Instead of using multiple spot lights and other forms of lighting equipments, wedding reception candles can be a very good choice of alternatives. It not only sets the mood of the place, but it also gives a romantic ambiance and a warm cozy night. Lanterns are also used as a source of light in wedding

    7. Contact Us:- Addreass:-Wedding Galleria 37 College Gardens, Edmonton, London N182XW, United Kingdom Phone No.:-020 88842883 Mail

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