how to crop a photo using microsoft word l.
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This video will show how to crop a pic in Word

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Checking out SlideServe

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Presentation Transcript

First select a photo you would like to crop.

  • (either one of your own, or one from a copyright friendly site)

Here are a few copyright friendly sites to choose from:


Creative Commons

Free Foto


2. Next click on the

“Drawing Tools” tab at the top of the screen and locate the “Crop” icon


3. Once you see the “crop brackets” the Crop Tool has been activated

– the brackets give you the ability to shrink or “crop” anything out of the picture/photo that isn’t wanted.


4. Notice the thin line on picture?

The line is showing what will be cropped out of the picture

The more the line gets dragged inward, the more gets cut or cropped out of the picture.


5. Here is the ending result—

Notice how the crop brackets are gone now that the picture has been cropped?

Also notice how the picture is smaller?

The crop tool is a very useful editing tool. To find more information about the Crop Tool visit:




Notice the Differences?