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Double Glazing Local

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What is Glazing?

Glazing is an effective way to keep home quieter and warmer. In double glazing, there are two glass panes with gas or air in between. As the flow of air through window is resisted, home remains warmer.

In some Nordic countries, triple glazing, consisting of three panes ,are also used for better heat protection.


Benefits of Double Glazing:

  • Smaller energy bills.
  • More comfortable , quieter home as it protects home against outside noise.
  • As you use less fuel, less carbon dioxide will be released.

How Much You Can Save With Double Glazed Windows-Case Studies:

  • As per Saint-Gobain Group, one of the leaders in glazing supplies, replacing single glazing with A-rated double glazing can save around £8,211.
  • Pilkington, a glazing specialist, states that a semi-detached home could save around £10,000 over a 20 year period.

Selecting The Right Windows: Check Energy Efficiency

  • Check the energy efficiency by looking the logo of Energy Saving Trust and BFRC energy label. Windows are given rating B or above by the Energy Saving Trust. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is.

Selecting The Right Windows: The Best Glass

  • The most energy efficient glass is low emissivity glass. Usually, this glass contains coating of metal oxide which allows heat to come in but reduces the amount of heat that goes out.

Selecting The Right Windows: Frame Option To Choose From

  • UPCV frames last long and can be recycled.
  • Wooden frames require more maintenance but have a lower environmental impact.
  • Aluminum frames are slim and look attractive.
  • Composite frames consist of timber frame from inside with plastic or aluminum. This keeps frame weatherproof and reduces the need for maintenance.

Concerned about Prices?

  • For many people, double glazing is an expensive option but actually it’s not so. It’s an investment that will pay in future. It will end up in saving much money over the years.
  • Benefits of these windows are not just restricted to energy efficiency, they also reduce UV light coming into your house. As these lights damage curtains, furniture etc. over the years, cost involved in this damage adds up to hefty amount.
  • So, considering long-term benefits, double glazed windows are not at all a costly option!

Who Can Help You?

For details related to double glazing, pricing, installation etc, you can log on to

They are one of the leading glazing specialists who can satisfy you with the quality product of your need and choice.