mid autumn festival l.
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Mid Autumn Festival

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Mid Autumn Festival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What can we do at Mid Autumn Festival???

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what can we do at mid autumn festival

What can we do at Mid Autumn Festival???

We can:

Play the lantern

Play the candle

Watch the moon

Eat moon cake

Worship the buddha

the korean autumn festival
The Korean Autumn Festival

In Korean ‘s calendar ,the word of Mid Autumn Festival will change to “Thanksgiving Day”. Because this day is a big festival in Korea, Korean will have three holiday together. In the past, the Korean would go back to the country to visit their relatives in “Thanksgiving Day”. Until now, before one month of “Thanksgiving Day”, all the department stores will have a big sale to attract the customers.

the japanese mid autumn festival
The Japanese Mid Autumn Festival
  • The Japanese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is called 15 night. The Japan moon cake are different to China’s one. When the Japanese watch the moon, they eat the Japan dumpling. This period is the season of harvest the crops, they thank of the nature, so they organize different activities.
after doing that powerpoint
After doing that PowerPoint……

I know more information about Mid-Autumn Festival

I know different place where have different culture

I can know what are the different method of celebration between China and other countries