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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival . ——. Moon Festival . Class7 Grade4. Kevin Ye. The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


Moon Festival

Class7 Grade4

Kevin Ye


The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival has a long history, and other traditional festivals, is also slowly evolved, the emperors of ancient spring, autumn festival on the system, as early as in" Zhou" in one book, already" Mid-Autumn Festival" records. Later, nobles and scholars also follow up, in the Mid-Autumn Festival season, at the sky is bright and round of bright moon, watch the worship, expressed their thoughts and feelings, so this custom to folk, form a traditional activities, until the Tang Dynasty, the festival customs more attention, became a fixed festival Mid-Autumn Festival," Tang Taizong of the mind" records " in August fifteen, the festival Mid-Autumn Festival" prevalent in the Song Dynasty, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and has become China 's name, one of the major festivals.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is very rich, Change's flying to the moon, Wu Gang of laurel, rabbit being like fairy tale spreads far and wide.


The custom of Mid-Autumn Festival

The annual Lunar New Year in August 15th, is China's traditional Mid-Autumn festival. Is a year at this time, the middle of the autumn, so called Mid-autumn festival. This is also our country is the second important traditional festival.


Mid Autumn Festival poetry

The moon bright luminous

The moon bright luminous,

cricket Ming East wall.

Yu HengMeng,

the stars he traveled.

Bleach with weeds,

season and complex easy.

The autumn cicada trees,

Phoenix died at.

I with friends,

hold the vibration of the six quill.

Don't want to abandon my good, such as ruins.

Kei South North bucket,

morning glory is a yoke.

Good diskless solid,

a complex what benefits?

Complaining song

A new crack neat fine light white silk,

fresh clean frost.

The CD for silk fan,

round and round like the moon.

You have access to a sleeve, shake the breeze.

Often fear Autumn Festival to take hot,

cool speed.

Left trunk trunk,

or great kindness.