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ipad 3 features rumors round up

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Now iPad 2 is firmly in the grasp of our hands, we have decided to provide a dose of iPad 3 features round up. Although iPad 2 did not came as a big surprise to us, thanks to early leaks from Apple related blogs. Here is all we know about iPad 3 Features Rumors so far Credit: http://www.iphonejailbreakfaq.com/ipad-3-features-round-up-rumors/

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Now iPad 2 is firmly in the grasp of our hands, we have decided to provide a dose of iPad 3 features round up. Although iPad 2 did not came as a big surprise to us, thanks to early leaks from Apple related blogs. iPad 2 managed to bring sleek design, bit faster processor, A5 chip, front facing camera on the table, but overall it was a big disappointment for Apple fans.

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iPad 3 Features [Rumors]
  • Let us start with this from the expected release date. iPad 3 is expected to be available in September later this year. This contradicts Steve Jobs statement. “2011 is a year of iPad 2”.

John Gruber stated that, “If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of iPad 3”. This statement is enough to fuel rumor mill.


Release of iPad 2 in Russia, India and other countries also fuels the rumor as Apple has a bad habit of dumping the old products to such countries.


Apple introduced new A5 chip with 1GHz dual core processor in iPad 2. iPad 3 promises to bring better CPU speed with new chip. Apple could come up with new A6 chip, According to Miles Jacobson iPad 3 could come with Quad-core processor and graphics-card equivalent to NVidia 8700 series. Even if it is not true we can expect at least 2GHz dual-core processor.


Apple is expected to launch iOS 5 at this year’s WWDC event. iPad 3 should be powered by iOS 5 firmware. iOS 5 will be more targeted toward A4/A5/A6 chip iOS devices to provide better performance.


There is already a news that iOS 5 might not be compatible with iPhone 3GS.  We possible get iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 at this event. OTA update option like Android is also expected to be available.


Apple might adopt famous AMOLED display technology from Samsung. One of the most likely feature added to iPad 3 is AMOLED display technology. Many people expected Apple to provide retina display in iPad 2, but unfortunately it didn’t come up. Hopefully, its successor will bring it to the world


French researcher found a way to get 3D display working without any additional hardware. It is highly unlikely that Apple will provide Glass-free 3D display.


Don’t you hate 16GB/32GB/64GB memory. People always starve for more memory, and Apple’s policy of not providing the support for expandable memory slot should not be any impediment no more


For those who opted for 16GB version would definitely like to add some more room to their device. SD card slot will be the most welcome move if it has been introduced.


Like SD card slot lack of USB port can prove a vital feature to survive against android device. Thunderbolt port with 10Gbps speed has already been introduced with Apple MacBook pro laptops. Apple should definitely provide this feature in iPad 3 in order to survive against android device.


NFC (Near field Communication) payment system could be coming to iPad 3. Apple has always been a pioneer by providing new features. This could prove to be a deadly blow to the android and other devices. Apple has already been putting lots of effort to make iPhone as a convenient payment tool. Hopefully, iPad receives the same.


LTE connectivity is the next generation network providing much faster speed than 3G networks. Android devices are already powered with 4G LTE connection which are significantly more powerful than 3G connection. Verizon and AT&T are already providing LTE connections..Apple has some catch up to do.


Apart from above major features we might get flash camera with possibly more pixels added to it. iPad 3 may come with compact design-possibly 7-inch model. Reportedly Apple has also hired a carbon fiber expert so we can expect a light version.

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