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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

Locations l.jpg

  • We have used the same locations in our video as we have in our pictures for our digi-pack. This sets the feel for the video and gives people a taster for our main product.

CD Cover

Shooting Location

  • We have kept the same theme throughout

  • our main product and ancillary texts, we shot

  • the performance part of our video in woodland

  • area; we tried to incorporate this on our back cover of our ancillary product.

Band Performance

CD Back

Ancillary texts l.jpg

  • We have used the same picture on our front cover of our C.D as we have on our promotion poster.The combination of these two products with the same images on of the woman down the lane. This will get the image noticed and people will recognise the picture and know that it is ‘The Futures’ album.

  • We have made sure that the font throughout our ancillary products are all the same and that the font compliments the images.

  • We also wanted to make sure that our whole ancillary texts compliment our main product by using images that have been edited to give a sophisticated look.

Images l.jpg

  • The image on the inside of the digi-pack is of the main singer of the band. Which is usually who the audience will recognise the most . It gives you a sneak preview of the singer and will effectively compliment our main product, by introducing the singer before the audience has seen the video.

  • We have also used a lyric which we have quoted on

    the inside of our CD case, ‘Nobody likes a liar’. This

    draws in our main product to the ancillary texts. The

    combination of these two features should compliment

    our video.

  • Ben, who is the lead singer in the band, also took the

    lead part in the storyline of our video, he played the

    boy in the couple. He is also pictured as shown on the

    inside of our ancillary text. This makes him the main focus in both products, which is very effective as people will get to know his face.