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By: Nicole silva

History 305

pong a quick overview
Pong – A quick overview.

Pong was created by Atari as a sports/tennis game.

It was first created at Atari in 1972 as a training exercise by Allan Alcorn. 

Before that, and as early as 1966, Ralph Baer had patents on the idea of a ping pong based game. 

Allan Alcorn had played Ralph Baer’s game prior to “creating” it himself.

There was a lawsuit which resultedin Atari paying $700,000 for the license to the game in 1976.

brief history
Brief History

Sept. 1972 - PONG goes into Andy Capp’s.

1972 to 1973 - Atari sells 2,500 machines.

1974 - brings birth of Home Pong.

1975 - Atari sells 150,000 Home Pong.

1976 - Telestar has two variants of Pong.

1977 - Nintendo console has 6 versions of Pong.

1978 - Nintendo console has 15 versions of Pong.

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Original Pong.

Watching this one is a little boring but it gives you an excellent idea of what Pong is like.

Two players use their controls (usually dials) to guide two paddles. Those paddles move up and down along the left and right of the screen and are used to project the ball back to the other player.

The paddles originally, and in most versions, do not go all the way to the top. This is due to a simple circuit defect but was left to create more challenge.

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iPong multi-player.

The next generation of Pong. This demonstration game was built in a few hours, showing just how advanced gaming now is.

The ball is dynamic and is able to allow for multiple players and even allows for advanced interactivity in where you aim your phone.

See this article on

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pong games
Pong Games

Online Pong – This one was mildly difficult, on my laptop the paddle was way too responsive to finger movement and made it hard to control.

Plasma Pong – Interesting, sort of makes you wonder what the creator was thinking at the time.

South Park’s Hell’s Balls – What Pong-like game list is complete without it?


YouTube: All Videos – Atari’s first commercial – Pong Play Session – iPong

Other: - The story of PONG.

Cnet’s – Game download links.

Wikipedia: - Most of the information is from here. - Allan Alcorn,_Inc – Atari