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A/H1N1 - Swine flu The Thruth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is a Explenation about the Swine Flu and everything needed to know about it. A/H1N1 described by a Norwegian living in Mexico.

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A h1n1 2009

A/H1N1 - 2009

Presented by Nils Erik Volden

A h1n1 swine flu

A/H1N1 –Swine flu

Presented by Nils Erik Volden


Lives in Mexico City

A h1n1 pig flu
A/H1N1 – pig flu

The World is in front of a huge Threat


  • For Now Most PeoplebecomeCured


The history a h1n1
The History a/h1n1

  • Officialbeginning April 2009

  • At first belivedthiswas a Ordinary Flu

  • 24. april 2009 the Day a New Virus wasIdentified

  • The New Virus was of the type A Influensa type of the subgroup H1N1

  • It got the OfficialName - Pigflu


First found in the usa but mexico notified the world
first found in the usabut Mexico notified the world


The new problem
The newproblem

  • A/H1N1 is not a stable virus

    • It mutate faster than normal viruses

    • It exist in different forms allready


The c onstruction of the virus a h1n1
The Construction of the Virus A/H1N1

  • Four Components:

    • One from Human

    • One from Bird

    • Two from Pig


Normal influensa
Normal Influensa

  • ca 15% becomesickeveryyear

  • ca 500.000 persons dies everyyear (somesays more)

  • Normally dies sick and elderly over 65 years

  • A/H1N1 influensa is unknown

    • What is waiting for us?

      • It is possible it is not that bad

    • Healthyyoungpeople dies

    • NO PERSON older than 60 years have got it


Main symptoms a h1n1
Main Symptoms A/H1N1

  • Main symptoms:1. Fever more than 39 degrees2. Cough3. Runny nose or sorethroat4. Pain in articulations5. Unstable digestion (vomit og diaré)6. Tap av appetitt

  • Time horision

    • Inkubation: 1-3(5)days; from contamination to eruption)

    • Duration: aboutoneweek.


Who think this virus is a problem becouse
Who thinkthis virus is a problem becouse:

  • It is new and unknown.

  • It is contagiousbetween humans

  • This virus can kill healthypeople

  • It is active and very contagious


Who and pandemi rating
WHO and Pandemi Rating

  • A/H1N1 is rated 5 on a scale of 6

  • The number 5 indicates:

    • Spreadsrapidly

  • This is the first time ever WHO rates anything as high as 5

  • This indicatesContagiousness and not Deadlyness

  • Number6 do not mean:

    • The end of the world

  • WHO is speakingabout rising the level to 6. (19.05.09)


Death in perspective
Death in Perspective

  • Not many is dead (ca 150 deaths)

    • Somesourcesspeakabout dark numbers

  • Malaria kills 3000 persons a day

  • Every 30 seconds dies a woman in Labor

  • Lightening kills1170 persons a year

  • Smoking killsin USA 500.000 persons a year

  • Resistent Bacteriaskills in USA 90.000 persons a year

  • Iatrogenisk (treatmentcoused) diseasekillsinUSA783.936 (2001) persons a year

  • Influensa is in USA the 6. killer

    • 32 deaths pr 100.000 persons

    • 270 persons dies everyday

    • Ca 10 persons pr hour dies in USA alone of FLU!


The difference h1n1 og h5n1
The Difference H1N1 og H5N1

  • H1N1 is a type A influensa.

    • Staysnormally in the nose and throat

      • GivesRhinitis

    • Contagiousthroughcough av sputum

    • Easy to transmitt to others due to location

  • H5N1 (Bird flu)

    • Staysnormally in the Lungs

      • GivesPlunomia and problems with the immunesystem

    • Difficult to transmitt due to deep location

  • As longthistwo do not meetweare safe

    • A/H1N1 is normally not thatdangerous

  • El Grafico (Mexico) Writes:

    • It is minimum twoviruses in circulation

      • One is the normal Flu – transmittseasily

      • The OtheroneKills – do not transmitteasily


Advices about health
Advicesabout Health

  • Do not MeetOthers

    • The Body fluids gives the Disease

  • Don not Toutch Body fluids

    • Washyour hands

    • Do not Shake hands

    • Do not stand to close

  • AvoidHysteria

    • This will pass

    • Be careful and everything is okeay


Food advices
Food Advices

  • Less Sugar

  • Less Rafinedfood

  • Garlic and Onion

  • More Food withOmega 3

  • Multivitamins og minerals

  • Supplements

    • Vitamin D (50.000 iu)

    • Omega 3

    • Tea of Star Anis (main ingrediens in Tamiflu)

      • Drink this Tea four times a day


General advices
General Advices

  • Rest a lot

  • Avoid stress

  • Exersise

  • Better Hygien

    • Washyour hands (”All the time”)

    • Do not coughonothers

  • Do not wisit Hospitals if not needed

    • It is a lot of Viruses and Bacteriasthere

  • CarefulwithVaccines

    • Theycandamage more than the Flu


General information and conspiration theories

General information andConspirationtheories

This to understand the context of A/H1N1.

When Egypt kill ALL their Pigs due to a Flu Virus in Mexico then it is time to worryaboutthisbecoming a HYSTERIA…


  • Big headlines

    • Do not beliveeverythingthat is written

    • Amount of wordswrittenno not equaldanger

    • Nothingwritten do not equalnodanger

  • This is the life of the Media

    • Catshyourattentionlongenough to sell a newspaper or to sell a add

  • Of coures:

    • Worst case scennarios is frightening

      • Theytend to not happen, luckily.

    • Best case scennarios do not sell

      • Media will not speakaboutthem

  • George Orwell wrote:

    • “People will belive what media want them to belive”



  • There is noVaccine for A/H1N1

  • The Normal Flu Vaccinewill not help!

  • It willcome a A/H1N1 Vaccine in October

  • History

    • The USA Pigfluin 1979

      • Killedonly 1 person

      • The Vaccinekilled 25 persons

      • The Vaccinemade 500 persons invalid

    • Historically the vaccines have bad references!

      • Vaccines is therefore not recomended

  • The World is orderingVaccinesagainst A/H1N1

    • England have ordered 90.000.000 dosages

    • Norway4.700.000 dosages

      • In addition to 200.000 dosageswith normal fly vaccines


Other epidemias

  • 2003

    • Bird Flu or SARS

      • 257 died

  • 1977

    • The Russian Flu (A virus created in a lab).

      • Unknownamount of died

  • 1976

    • Pig Flu in USA

      • 1 died

      • Vaccinationkills 25 and hurts 500 persons for life

  • 1918

    • Spanichdisease (Type: H1N1 – same strain as today)

    • 50-100.000.000 died in 18 months

    • The virus did not kill so many

    • Astreptococinfeksjon did most of the killing


Tamiflu the antiviral medicine
Tamiflu – The Antiviralmedicine

  • Tamiflu(oseltamivir) used in Treatingthis Flu

  • BenefitwithTamiflu is that the Flu Symptomesgoesaway 1-2 days faster.

  • Problems withTamiflu

    • IncreasingresistanceagainstOseltamivir (H1N1, H274Y and partlyalso H5N1)

    • Registered 1800 sideeffects

      • Some of a very serious nature

    • The norlam symptoms from Tamiflu is the very same as from the Pig Flu

      • What is then the point of thistreatment?

    • Increased Risk of secondarybacterialinfections

      • Exactlywhatnormallykills the patient


The cycle of three years
The Cycle of threeyears

  • Interesting:

    • Tamiflu lasts onlythreeyears

  • 2003

    • The SARS EpidemymadeeveryCountrygetTamiflu

  • 2005

    • Roche (Tamifluproducent) Bought 90% of all Star Anis (Main ingrediencewithinTamiflu) in China.

  • 2006

    • The Suspection of a New Epidemymade all CountriesbayTamifluagain

    • Let usput 2006 as a baseline 100 unitsTamiflu sold.

  • 2007

    • The Sale decresedwith 60% to 40 units (Forbes)

  • 2008

    • The Sale decreasedwithanother 87% to 5 units (Business review)

  • 2009

    • Pig Flu, A/H1N1

    • All CountriesbaysTamifluagain and beats all previous sales

  • 2012

    • Nextepidemiy (According to the Tamiflus3 yearcycle)

    • According to the Maya calenderwill the 21. december 2012 be the end of the world

    • The yearthe Sun passes through the Eye of the Milkyway.


Created in a lab
Created in a Lab

  • Somesaysthat A/H1N1 can not be natural

    • Reason:

      • A Mix of Bird, Pig and Human

      • When and howdidthissickonesmeet?

  • Someclamesthatthis is really a Biologicalweapon

    • Possible stolen at Fort Detric, USA.

    • This is underlinedthrough:

      • The first cases were in USA

      • The President of USA Obamawisited Mexico the weekbefore the Flu hitted hard.

      • Mexico started to preper in the hospitals before the epidemi started

  • KeijiFukudaat WHO said:

    • It is noproofthatthis virus is created in a Lab

    • WHO have investigated the clame and foundnothing

    • Anyhowifthat is the case it is reason to worry

    • WHO workswith the hypothesisthat the virus is natural

  • The onlyfact true:

    • Nobodyknows for sure aboutthis virus


Intensive f arming of pigs
Intensive Farming of Pigs

  • It is clamedthat the virus comes from a farm

    • Many pigs in a small area

  • Mexicansk TV have shown terrible videos from farms wheretheythink the flu comes from

    • Died animals piled up

    • Heavilypolluted

    • Strong smell of decomposing pigs

  • Thosmight have led to a mutant Pig Flu

  • The problem is the Bird Flu virus in thismutation


The finance crisis and bigfarma
The Finance Crisis and Bigfarma

  • Bad economy in the pharmaseuticalcompanies

    • A/H1N1 was a way to start earningagain

  • Two theories:

    • There is no virus, everything is a conspirasy

    • The virus in sirculation is really a innocentone

  • Media made the pandemi-hysteria

  • WHO followedtheirrulesregardingtheir pandemi ratingscale 1-6.



  • A/H1N1 is really not thatdangerous

  • The Real Problem:

    • It is manydifferentones

      • At leastone of themkills

  • This must never happen:

    • A meetingbetween A/H1N1 and H5N1 (Bird Flu)

    • This mutationwould kill about 90% and being very contagious

    • Last week 5 got it the Bird Flu in Vietnam and 4 died(17.05.09) .

    • A/H1N1 does not exist in Vietnam, YET(19.05.09).

      • If it doeswecan be facing HELL


Media have lost interest in the virus but the virus lives on


It is not finich


The Virus is outthere and it might Kill YourChild…

A h1n1 pig flu1

A/H1N1 – Pig flu

Presented by Nils Erik Volden


Lives in Mexico City

For contacting the writer
For contacting the writer


00 52 55 56 95 21



  • Nils Erik Volden

  • MPH – NTNU

  • Lives in Mexico City, Mexico