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  1. Presented By Laurence.

  2. What’s the online magazine called and what’s your initial impression of their home page? • Magazine is called Rap-Up, Covering R’n’B and Hip-Hop music scene. • Home pages vary between the print version and web version. • Both Homepages Share a specific colour scheme, With a vibrant colour. • Simplistic design.

  3. What colours have been used? What are the connotations of these colours? • Many of the vivid colours used, such as the light blue background on web magazine • Printed magazine, uses various colours. • Light blue background, Pink secondary colour (links, further stories) may reflect gender. • Black title may be used to signify the influence of black artists on genre. • Many artists use these colours to represent personality.

  4. Audience Of Front Page/ Conclusion to this • Audience is not specifically set. Anywhere between ages of 10-25 • However the main image is of Drake (Hip Hop Artist). Inclines that the main audience would be typified around his style of music. • Other news relates to other artists. E.g Ne-Yo. Which shows that the audience may be between R’n’B and Hip-Hop listeners, However there are different types. • Younger colloquial language, hinting a slide to younger culture. E.g Shontelle can rip the mic, but she’s also handy in the kitchen. The Bajan babe, whose sophomore album NoGravity is in stores now.

  5. Main Stories Advertised- who are target audience. Why? • Target audience is very specific. • Detailed articles about biggest artists (Jay-z, Ne-Yo) • Demographics are about 10-25 like most of the magazine. • New music video reviews, teenagers interested in music videos. • Topics very recent and exclusive E.g Top Stories.

  6. What Broad Comments Can You Make About The Style Of Articles? • Articles are very short and concise. Important in terms of target audience. • Plenty of quotes. • Formal to an extent. However language used is specific to the genre of music. Heavily influences speech. • Formality includes seriousness of articles • No Jargon. .

  7. Navigation Of The Magazine/ Preferences. • The rather opaque navigation bar of the web page. • Albeit yellow back ground. Not main focal point of page. • However, each heading depicts exactly what it should. • Young culture of today, More accessible online. • I Would prefer to read online daily. Although a physical copy would be more convenient for a special topic.