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Crazy facts all across the globe

Crazy facts all across the globe

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Crazy facts all across the globe

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  1. Crazy Facts All Across The Globe

  2. The world is full of thousands of crazy and interesting facts and every single day a lot more is being revealed. Thinking about ourselves we find lots of known and unknown striking facts regarding our body.

  3. . As if, when you fall in love for the first time, your brain circuitries is linked with anxiety and panic the same as when someone excessively tickles you against your wish.

  4. Not only that, kissing releases masses of Oxytocin , a "love potion" and it helps couples bond and feel more attracted to each other. Moreover, if you sleep on your stomach, it can induce scarier, weirder, and sexier dreams.

  5. The next fact can be a health tip for you, you can reduce pain and speed up the healing process putting sugar on your wound or cut. Another crazy fact will surprise you for sure, a person was survived from both the sinking of Titanic’s sister ship Britannic and its third sister ship Olympus while he was a survivor of the ship Titanic itself too.

  6. Surprisingly, it will take more than 3000 years if you attempt to count all the stars in a galaxy at a rate of one every second. Another crazy fact is, an elephant was hanged for killing her trainer in 1916, this elephant named Mary was very dearly to her master.

  7. Not only this, there is a great number of weird and interesting laws prevailing in the world. Such as, in Portugal, it’s illegal to pee when you are swimming in the ocean. In Singapore chewing gum is not allowed at all. It’s against the laws in U.S. to show a person drinking beer in a beer commercial.

  8. Human beings also go crazy and leave crazy facts sometimes. For example, an unnamed man booked every odd seat in the theatre of “Beijing Love Story” to sabotage a special screening and prevented couples from sitting together on the Valentine’s day, 2014.

  9. Ian McEwan, the famous author once helped his son writing on one of his own well known novels, Enduring Love in his A level English exam. But his own interpretation was not allowed by the teacher as he disagreed with it.

  10. The human mind has an easier time processing thoughts in the evening which is why people over think more often at night. In addition to this, the nature itself bears a huge amount of crazy facts. Unlike most creatures, goats have rectangular pupils.

  11. When you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles. Drinking watermelon juice before a workout helps reduce muscle soreness. Some other real but crazy facts are, between 1960 and 2010, the world population rose from 3 billion to 6.8 billion rose from. In other words, there has been more growth in population in the last fifty years than the previous 2 million years that humans have existed.

  12. Money is the most essential thing to live your life and if you think something crazy about it, it shows that In order to make a billion dollars in one year, you would have to make an average of $31.69 every second. That's $2,739,726.03 every day! How about the roads and vehicles? Have you ever felt irritated sitting idle in your car stuck in a traffic jam while you have something urgent to do at your office? Yes, the world's longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China, in August 2010.

  13. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days. One cannot finish mentioning the crazy facts happening around the globe. They are numerous in number. To know more about it what you have to do is, keep your eyes open with a microscopic knowledge thirsty mind.

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