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Bollywood Across the Globe PowerPoint Presentation
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Bollywood Across the Globe

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Bollywood Across the Globe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bollywood Across the Globe
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  1. Bollywood Across the Globe By: Ashley Domerese

  2. Cultural Diffusion of the Bollywood Music Culture

  3. Bollywood as a Cultural Link • According to some social scientists, the most important "binding element" among diasporic Indians is Bollywood culture. • Many Bollywood films make full, explicit use of song and dance to describe the actual journey into diasporic space: the space of imagination is thus amplified across national borders.

  4. The International Audience • International tickets sales account for 15% to 25% of the money made in theaters by Indian films, analysts say. For some films that figure can be as high as 50%. • Bollywood films bear signs of the global featured films: the new styles of clothing, music, dance, and cinematography, as well as the diverse, worldwide settings of the films. •

  5. Bollywoodin International Demand • AmitabhBachchan is the overwhelming favorite of people of Gaza in Israel and Sholay, a film from 1975, is shown several times every year by all the TV channels. • Russians have enjoyed Indian films during the time of the former Soviet Union but Bollywood still rules the heart of many generations.

  6. Bollywood in the U.S. • Thanks to exhibitor pioneers like New Jersey's Vijay Shah and California's Shiraz Jivani, Bollywood films are showing up on bigger and snazzier screens from Brooklyn to Berkeley. • More American-themed films are coming out, like “My Name is Khan” and “Tere Bin Laden.”

  7. Bollywood in the U.S. • Bollywood’s influence in American can also be seen in workout videos and dance shows. • •

  8. BollywoodMusic in Other Cultures • Movie-goers often seen the same movie more than once and despite not knowing the language, can sing the songs of their favorite movies. •

  9. Bollywood Music in Other Cultures • Hindi songs are learned worldwide thanks to Bollywood films. • •

  10. Bollywood Music in Britain • Because of former British rule in India, there are many Indians in Britain and the Bollywood music culture is popular there. • Bombay Dreams was a Bollywood-themed musical. The London production opened in 2002 and ran for two years. The musical also was produced on Broadway in 2004. •

  11. Influences on Bollywood • The dancing style, choreography, and wardrobe for modern music numbers are largely influenced by MTV music videos and American hip-hop, salsa, and pop music. • •