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Welcome to Vladimir PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Vladimir

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Welcome to Vladimir - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Vladimir

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  1. Welcome to Vladimir

  2. The Cathedral of St. Demetrius The Cathedral of St. Demetrius, built by Prince Vsevolod III, is one of the most graceful and beautiful churches in Vladimir. It is like an icon in stone. Beauty and mystery are inseparably united in it, making the Cathedral of St. Demetrius unique among Vladimir's churches.

  3. Vladimir Regional History Museum This museum was founded by local history professors and research specialists in the mid-19th century. The museum's current home on Bolshaya Moskovskaya just east of Cathedral Square was completed in 1906. This organization is responsible for administering museums in Vladimir, Suzdal, and Gus Khrustalny. It is also responsible for research and restoration work.

  4. Children's Museum Located a short distance from the History Museum and right next to the St. Demetrius and Assumption Cathedrals, this delightful museum for children—and adults—is located on the first floor of the eighteenth century building that used to house some of the departments of the tsarist guberniya (regional government) administration.

  5. Museum of "Old Vladimir " This small but interesting museum is located in a former nineteenth century water tower. Visitors will see photographs of old Vladimir streets, articles of daily life, examples of room interiors, and examples of tsarist era publications. All this provides a detailed picture of everyday life in old Vladimir.

  6. Museum of Crystal, Lacquer Miniature Painting, and Embroidery Established in 1974, these exhibits are housed in the red brick Troitskaya (Trinity) Church built in 1913-16 by the Old Believer Russian Orthodox community. Featured are crystal and colored glass produced in the community of Gus Khrustalny and lacquer miniature painting from the town of Mstyora . Traditional Vladimir-style embroidery is also showcased. Some of the crystal and glass on display was produced more than 250 years ago.