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  2. An extreme sport (also called action sport and adventure sport) is a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger,and that are counter-cultural. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts.

  3. Examples of Extreme Sports Biking adventure racing extreme motocross extreme skiing freestyle skiing mountain biking mountain boarding outdoor climbing sand boarding skateboarding snowboarding snowmobiling speed biking speed skiing

  4. Wave jumping wipe out. While attempting a forward loop in overpowered storm conditions off the coast of cantrabia, Spain, windsurfer Justin Wheeler gets catapulted into a high double .flip Ice climbing is a more extreme type of climbing.

  5. Hang glider launching from .Mount Tamalpais Wingsuit flying is a recent activity.

  6. Snowboarder drops off a cornice.

  7. Paintball is a sport in which participants use compressed-gas markers to shoot paintballs (roughly marble-sized, .68 caliber, gelatin capsules filled with coloured polyethylene glycol) at other players. Once marked by a paintball, a player is eliminated from the game. There are over 10 million paintball players and thousands of people can attend the major paintball tournaments. There are three very popular Paintball games. Capture the Flag is the classic schoolyard game with a paintball twist.

  8. As if parachuting wasn’t scary enough, BASE Jumping sees participants jump from fixed objects before using a parachute to land! "BASE" is an acronym that stands for the four categories of objects from which one can jump; (B)uilding, (A)ntenna (an uninhabited tower such as an aerial mast), (S)pan (a bridge, arch or dome), and (E)arth (a cliff or other natural formation). BASE Jumping is much more dangerous than skydiving from aircraft. The first recorded instance of a BASE jump was that of Frederick Law, who jumped from the viewing platform of the Statue of Liberty in 1912.

  9. Not just for ten year olds with silly haircuts, BMX (an abbreviation for bicycle motocross) is a form of cycling on specially designed bicycles which usually have 20-inch wheels. The sport includes races on sandy and hilly tracks—BMX Racing—as well as the performance of tricks on flat ground, wooden ramps or obstacles found on the streets—BMX Freestyle

  10. Water Skiing is popular in many countries around the world where appropriate conditions exist - an expanse of water unaffected by wave motion. Rivers, lakes, and sheltered bays are all popular for Water Skiing.

  11. Mountain biking Zorbing or Sphering Kite surfing Paragliding

  12. Parasailing Hang gliding Bungee jumping