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EMILY BRONTE. By: Megan Schramm. THESIS.

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By: Megan Schramm



As a WOMAN who was born into the Victorian age, Emily Bronte was COURAGEOUS. She was one of the very few women that wrote and actually made her works KNOWN to the world. Emily’s main types of works were writing POEMS. The one book she had written in her later years became one of the world’s BEST pieces of LITERATURE and LOVE stories. The name of that book was called Wuthering Heights.


Women were responsible for domestic duties

Often spent day after day in the home.

They were not allowed to be part of the man's world.

They were responsible for housework, feeding the family, shopping, cooking, and psychologically and materially sustaining the children, and their husband.



Her father, of Irish descent, was known for his poetry and imagination even though he was the cleric.

Brontës environment shaped her life and her work.mysticism, and enjoyed her solitude outdoors

Isaac Watts.

Horace Walpole

Brontë and Walpole's storytelling styles are similar.

Philosophically, Percy Bysse Shelley seems to be an influence.

Edgar Allen Poe



born on July 30 1818 and died on December 30 1848.

Emily had lived a short life of 31 years.

Maria and Patrick Bronte.

Maria, Charlotte, Anne, Elizabeth and Branwell.

At 7 her mother died. Four years later her sisters Elizabeth and Maria died.

Emily moves to Haworth and was home schooled

Branwell died.

Emily’s father and sister charlotte were the only ones left in the family after Emily died.


close relation ship with her sister Anne.

had a secret world of their own that they created after their father had given Branwell twelve wooden soldiers

The secret world was called Gondal.

Gondal had been envisioned as a large island in north pacific. It had snowcapped mountains, ruined castles, and wandering deer.

Its capital name is Regina and two queens had ruled it.

To keep track of her Gondal world Emily and Anne wrote in diary papers.




most reserved

and least


did not

show her writings

to anyone.

was most interested

in telling

stories and disliked


loss of

private time.

Even though

Emily was

talked about

and thought

of as manly

and made

fun of for wanting

her private time

she replied with

“I wish to

be as God

made me.”

Able to live life without regret and

live it with hope and love.


Emily did not want to publish book because she was a woman.

She did not like the thought of being an author so she kept Wuthering heights a secret.

Charlotte had found the writings and had published it under a guy’s name,

Ellis Bell.

Thomas Newby had published the bookon December of 1847.

After Emily’s death in 1847 charlotte had republished the book under Emily’s name .


Wuthering Heights, a gothic novel that took place in 1801.

about two neighboring houses on the Yorkshire moors Wuthering heights and thrush cross.

Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar.

The book revolves around Heathcliff and how he is slaved into work after his “friend” inherits the land after his father’s death.

Heathcliff runs away. He returns.

Theme- the destructiveness of a love that never changes; the precariousness of social class



1. WUTHERING is a word describing the windy depressing environment of the book. The name is very carefully chosen by the author to match the depressing tone of the book. 2. Heathcliff's appearance as a kid is also a symbol of dejection and his rebellious nature.



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