module 23 steps 15 16 preconstruction engineering and design ped and other decision documents n.
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Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11

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Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Module 23 STEPS 15 & 16 Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) and Other Decision Documents. Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11. Objective:. Understand the process for execution of a PED agreement.

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module 23 steps 15 16 preconstruction engineering and design ped and other decision documents

Module 23STEPS 15 & 16 Preconstruction Engineering and Design (PED) and Other Decision Documents

Civil Works Orientation Course - FY 11

  • Understand the process for execution of a PED agreement.
  • Understand what is the purpose of PED and what documents are completed in the PED phase.
preconstruction engineering and design
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design
  • Currently cost-shared:
    • 75% - Federal
    • 25% - Non-Federal*
  • NEW!! In-kind credits allowed per Section 2003 WRDA 2007

Model PED agreements & checklist on disc

*this is just a down payment – balance collected during construction

preconstruction engineering and design agreement
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design Agreement
  • There are models for:
    • Single Purpose Navigation & Flood Risk Management Only
    • PED Agreement Checklist to HQ RIT for certification - 30 days prior to DE signature
  • Similar to FCSA
  • HQUSACE approves all Other PED Agreements
  • No PED work or issuance of contract until Agreement executed
  • District Engineer executes approved agreements
preconstruction engineering and design agreement checklist
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design Agreement Checklist
  • General information
  • Cost sharing summary
  • Funding history
  • Special conditions
  • Review requirements, Sponsor
  • and Corps
purpose of ped
Purpose of PED
  • Complete the detailed engineering & technical studies and design needed to begin construction of the project recommended in the decision document.
  • Preparation of plans and specifications of first significant construction contract
  • (NEW!!) Section 2035 WRDA 07 Safety Assurance Review – Calls for independent review of flood and hurricane/storm projects if Chief of Engineers determines that it is necessary to assure public health, safety, and welfare.
preconstruction engineering and design1
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design
  • Starts after Division Engineer’s Transmittal Letter & execution of PED agreement
  • Ends with completion of first set of construction plans and specifications
preconstruction engineering and design2
Preconstruction Engineeringand Design
  • Usually requires about two years to complete
  • Usually overlaps with the end of the feasibility phase.
  • Must keep PED funds separate from feasibility review funds

Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Major Documents in PED:
    • Plans and specifications (P&S)
    • Design Documentation Report (DDR)
    • Draft Project Partnership Agreement (PPA)
    • Limited Reevaluation Reports (LRR) - Primarily for required economic/environmental updates
    • Real Estate Design Memorandums

Preconstruction Engineeringand Design

  • Plans and specifications:
  • Form the technical portion of the contract documents
  • Used to solicit bids from private contractors
  • Approved at the District
  • Used to construct the project
ped coordination team
PED Coordination Team
  • Co-chaired by Corps project manager and sponsors counterpart
  • Oversees issues related to PED
    • Scheduling
    • Work Products
    • Plans and Specifications
    • Contract Award and Modification
    • Other Related Activities
other documents
Other Documents
  • Other reports may be prepared during PED and/or other project phases for use as Decision Documents or Implementation Documents

Implementation Documents

Any report prepared for the purpose of implementing a project in accordance with its authorization

- O&M Manual

- Detailed engineering reports

- Plans & Specifications

decision document
Decision Document
  • Any report prepared for the purpose of :
      • obtaining project authorization, modification, or Washington level approval;
      • obtaining commitment of Federal funds for project implementation; or
      • obtaining approval to spend and receive money as a result of entering into an agreement.

Decision Documents

  • Obtaining project authorization, modification, or verification:
    • Reconnaissance Report*
    • Feasibility Report
    • Limited Reevaluation Reports**
    • General Reevaluation Reports (GRR)**
    • Post Authorization Change (Section 902) Report
    • Detailed Project Report*
    • Major Rehabilitation Report

* Approval at MSC

** Approval at MSC if no additional Congressional action required


Decision Documents

  • Obtaining project authorization - modification:
    • Dam Safety Report
    • Design Deficiency Report
    • Dredged Material Management Plans*
    • Water Supply Reallocation Report

* Approval at MSC


Other Decision Points

  • Reports in defense of budgetary decision(s)
  • Project Partnership Agreements
  • Credit Agreements
  • Memorandums of Agreement
  • Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreements
  • PED Cost Sharing Agreements
  • Water Supply Contracts