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140th anniversary

Happy Birthday. 140th anniversary. Philippe CHOQUET President GCHERA LASALLE Beauvais. Vienna. February , 2 nd 2012. Future of Life Science Universities. ?. Hard mission for Rectors and Deans. Future of Life Sc. universities. 1 500 institutions in 82 countries

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140th anniversary

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  1. Happy Birthday 140th anniversary Philippe CHOQUET President GCHERA LASALLE Beauvais Vienna. February, 2nd2012

  2. Future of Life Science Universities ? Hard mission for Rectors and Deans

  3. Future of Life Sc. universities 1 500 institutions in 82 countries 72 universities– 450 000 students

  4. Life science universities

  5. PERTINENCE OF OUR MISSION? Mission statement “We do research and education to ensure sustainable use of our renewable resources” More up to date than ever Our perimeter Agriculture/Forestry (supply chain) Rural areas Environment Biotech Mission

  6. OPPORTUNITIES Challenging societal context : • Role of a university in a Knowledge based society • Positive sociological trends (sustainability) • Demand for (life sciences) scientific profiles Sectorial opportunities: • Food / Biorenewable resources / Environment • Rural areas and territories  Sustainable development Scientific challenges : • Resources management : quantity / quality / sustainability • Rural areas / territories for a balanced development • Climate change Context

  7. CHALLENGES Challenging competition • Harmonization // Globalization of Higher education => Larger competition • Attractiveness of life sciences => New competitors Challenging education • Pertinent pedagogical model for incoming students… • Educative role of universities?... Budget • New business model ? Context

  8. A LONG HISTORY AND DEEP ROOTS Oldest professional universities  Sustainable model Why ? • Research (From the labs to the fields) • Naturalist approach (versus Tech) • Generalist education to understand complexity • Social responsibility =>Territorial commitment / responsibility : rural areas • Pioneers of internationalization Recipe of our success

  9. Life science universityof the future Differentiation Density Development A University ‘s

  10. REINFORCE OUR DIFFERENTIATION Conforting our thematic leadership We have a specific mission which defines a specific and original strategic perimeter • Life sciences (Plant, animal, forestry) + Soil and Earth sciences => Environment • Bio Resources management Food/Non food • Biotechnology… Research / Education / Extension Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  11. REINFORCE OUR DIFFERENTIATION Comforting our commitment towards rural areas • Economic development: Rural areas Key role for sustainable development • Environmental concerns • Management of territories Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  12. REINFORCE OUR DIFFERENTIATION The originality of our education Life sciences = complexity management • Maintain / reinforce our integrative/generalist approach T shape educational programs Breaking silos approach Compatibility withBologna ? • Naturalist + Tech approach Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  13. REINFORCE OUR DIFFERENTIATION Consolidating International relations We have to be more global than other universities • In Research : Environment, climate, food security / safety, endemics… • In Education : Global markets, international minded students • In extension/development Global challenges Being committed in international organizations (CASEE, ICA, GCHERA) Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  14. REINFORCE OUR DENSITY At corporate level Specialization / Densification before Diversification Thematic universities vs. Generalist universities Innovation comes from scientific interfaces Strategic density + alliances Or Consolidation (Merger towards Large range universities) Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S. Size and mega merger are not miraculous solutions AGILITY is the K.F.S.

  15. REINFORCE OUR DENSITY At Business Unit level • Scientific densification Specialization due to Capitalistic intensity of research • Networking strategy Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  16. PERMANENT DEVELOPMENT Through innovation • Breaking silos • Opening new fields adding value to our traditional activities Food and health, Bio sourcing (chemistry, pharmacy), Green economy , services • Being attentive to our stakeholders Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  17. PERMANENT DEVELOPMENT Through entrepreneurship • Social responsibility Entrepreneurship towards rural areas • University as a motor of development Patent, Business angel, Technological park… • International as an opportunity Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  18. AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT • In our activities • On our campus • Educating our students Towards a community of Committed / leading people Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  19. 3 key resources : TECHNOLOGY In Research In Education Funding People Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  20. 3 key resources : FUNDING What will be the business model ? Towards diversified funding • Reinforce the link with stakeholders State/Local government/Companies/ Students and family / Alumni associations • Commitments of the universities towards their environment : sustainable development  entrepreneurship Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  21. 3 key resources : STAFF University is facing a challenging (R)evolution • PROFESSORS and STAFF = KFS • Capacity building  Adaptability Sustainability • Agile/flexible governanceorganization Life Sc. Universities – K.F.S.

  22. The Future of Life Science universities … is in yourhand. « Accroche ta charrue à une étoile et ton sillon sera droit. » Hängen Sie Ihre Pflug zu einem Stern und Ihre Nut wird rechts sein. Arabisches Sprichwort

  23. Vielen Dank fürIhreAufmerksamkeit

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