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Information 101

Information 101

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Information 101

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  1. Information 101 What you need to know!

  2. Important • Remember to check your UMB email! Official means of communication. • It is your responsibility as a UMB student to know school policy, rules, and regulations. •

  3. Academic Standing • Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative average • Dean’s List: noted on transcript; varies by college. • CLA/CSM: 9 credits/ 3.2 • CN: 9 credits /3.5 • EHS: 12 credits /3.5 • CM: 12 credits /3.4 and no F’s; part-time /3.6 and no F’s • Good Standing: Cum GPA of a 2.0 or higher

  4. Academic Standing • Alert: Students in their first semester at UMB, who earn below a 2.0 GPA • Warning: Students in their second or subsequent semester, who earn a semester GPA lower than 2.0, but cum GPA is still above 2.0

  5. Academic Standing • Probation: Students in second or subsequent semester, who have a cum GPA below 2.0 • Suspension: Students who are below a 2.0 cumulative average for the second consecutive semester are suspended for one semester. They may not take courses at UMB for 1 semester. The student must apply for readmission through the appropriate authority. The readmitting body may set conditions on the student’s schedule • Dismissal: Students who are suspended, then readmitted, who does not meet the retention standards set by the readmitting body shall be dismissed. A student who has been dismissed may appeal for readmission after one year

  6. Examples of Academic Standing A student in their first semester at UMB earns a 2.75 Good Standing A student in their fifth semester at UMB earns a semester GPA of 1.75, making their cum GPA a 2.25 Warning A student in their fourth semester at UMB has a cum GPA of 1.65 Academic Probation

  7. Examples of Academic Standing A student who was on academic probation fall earns a spring semester GPA of 3.4, making their cum GPA a 2.3 Good Standing A student who was on academic probation in the spring earns a 1.5 in the fall, making their cum GPA a 1.25 Suspension

  8. Academic Standing 3.0+ 2.0 Less than 2.0 Alert, Warning, Probation, Suspension, & Dismissal Good Standing Dean’s List / Honors

  9. GPA Calculation

  10. How is GPA calculated? Multiplythe grade points for each course by the number of credit hours each course is worth. The resulting value is referred to as “Quality Points” Addtogether earned quality points for all courses completed in a semester Dividethe sum by the total number of completed semester credit hours Credit Hours Grade GradePts Quality Pts ENGL 101 3 A- 3.7 11.1 MATH115 3 B+ 3.3 9.9 SPAN 101 4 D 1.0 4 TOTAL: 1025 25 (Quality Pts) ÷ 10 (credit hrs) = 2.5  semester GPA

  11. Pass/Fail Grading Option • Studentsmay take one course each semester on a pass/fail basis, up to a maximum of eight • Students who successfully complete a course (earn a D- or better) will earn a “P”, credit towards graduation, with no impact on GPA • Students who fail, results in no credit earned and a negative impact on GPA • Be sure to check the requirements of your college or program before choosing the pass/fail option • Students should talk to faculty and advisor before declaring a course pass/fail • Student can declare pass/fail via WISER

  12. Example of “P” Pass/Fail With Letter Grade With Pass/Fail ENGL 101: C MATH 115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: D Semester GPA: 1.75 ENGL101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: P Semester GPA: 2.0

  13. Example of “F” Pass/’Fail With Letter Grade With Pass/Fail ENGL 101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: F Semester GPA: 1.5 ENGL 101: C MATH115: C PHIL108: C PSYCH100: F Semester GPA: 1.5

  14. Course Withdrawal • Students may withdraw from individual courses, and will be given a grade of "W", which will remain on your record but will not affect your GPA • There are no refunds for course withdrawals (students are still financially responsible) • Students should talk to faculty and advisor before withdrawing • Students withdraw via WISER

  15. Incomplete • The grade incomplete (INC) is earned only when a portion of the assigned or required class work, or the final examination, has not been completed because of serious illness, extreme personal circumstances, or scholarly reasons at the request of the instructor. • A student receiving the grade of incomplete (INC) is allowed one year in which to complete the course • If students do not complete the work within a year, the INC turns into an F which negatively impacts GPA

  16. Repeat Policy • Students can retake a maximum of four courses • Both attempts will appear on transcript • Only the second attempt counts towards GPA calculation • Credit can only be earned once • Students can not retake a course if they have already taken a more advanced course (i.e. can not repeat SPAN 101 after taking SPAN102)

  17. Impact of Repeating a Course

  18. Academic Supports • Campus Center-first floor-1300 617.287.6550 • Subject tutoring • Reading, Writing and Study Strategy Center • Math Resource Center • Academic Skills Workshops • Time management, note taking, test prep, etc

  19. Campus Resources One Stop- Walk-in assistance with registration, billing and financial aid issues, including interpreting your financial aid award letter, financial aid assistance, student account inquiries, tuition payments, registration information, records information, add/drop processes. Counseling Center- Individualcounseling, balancingschool, work, and personal life, coping with anxiety or depression, working through grief, and dealing with relationship difficulties. Health Services- Immunizations, evaluation and treatment of health problems, and physicals.

  20. Campus Resources Career Services- Career planning, counseling, seminars, Pinpoint (a career exploration inventory), internship opportunities, job search resources, graduate school, assistance choosing a major. Ross Center- Testing accommodations, interpreter services, assistive technology, note-taker services, disability parking, and other services and accommodations to eligible students. Student Activities and Leadership- UMB IDs, tickets to event, student clubs and activities, rent a locker, MBTA pass forms, and more!

  21. Student Tools • Course Syllabi • UMB homepage ( • WISER • Degree Progress Report • Course Wizard (

  22. Course Name to ask questions and clarify assignments Overall involvement; eye contact; sit in front See syllabus for % See syllabus for % Papers, Presentations Projects, Homework More than 2x = lower grade Math, Writing, Study and Research Estimated Grade for Course  Course 1 MATH115 B- 5% C Quiz=15% Test=20% 25% = B+ Final = 25% 10% A  0 A No C B-  Course 2   Course 3   Course 4  Course 5  Course 6 PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT ASSESSMENT

  23. Advisors & Faculty • If you have questions or concerns about a course see your professor, they are the expert in the course subject & their expectations for assignments. Utilize class time as well as office hours • If you have questions or concerns about degree requirements, policy, procedure, registration, or concerns about a course see your advisor

  24. Academic Calendar