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black fathers an invisible presence n.
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Black Fathers: An Invisible Presence PowerPoint Presentation
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Black Fathers: An Invisible Presence

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Black Fathers: An Invisible Presence
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Black Fathers: An Invisible Presence

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  1. Black Fathers:An Invisible Presence

  2. What are the author’s qualifications? -       Michael E. Connor graduated from Alliant International -       Joseph White graduated from University of California, Irvine. 2.     What is his/her purpose for writing the book? Michael E. Connor and Joseph White -       Collogues and they part of program committee of national conference called to invite me to participate in a panel discussion about whether or not fathers needed to be presented in families. -       In the conference, they seem to focus on mother’s vantage point on raising their children, not on fathers.

  3. What is her/his conceptual approach? ·      Michael E. Connorand Joseph White asking series of questions. The questions -       What are children’s need/desires? -       Do they want their fathers present? -       Who in female-headed households models appropriate behaviors for males? -       Who demonstrates how men care who care about women treat them? -       Who shows males how to become responsible men and fathers? -Why do some women believe they can father children? Do fathers believe that they mother children? 4.     Is it culturally grounded, African centered or not? Not cultural based; discusses many sides towards fatherhood. -       How fathers towards there sons and daughters. -       How males are growing up to become fathers. -       How males who have made mistakes in fatherhood and in changing to become a better father.

  4. what the book is about? -Invisible black fathers in America -Stereotypes of Black men particularly fathers -The effect Black fathers have on their children -Fatherless Black fathers -How society image of Black fathers

  5. Major Points -Not all fathers are the same -How society perceptions of Black fathers factors into their lives -Masculinity and identity -Bill Cosby: The American father -Community programs to help bring awareness How is it relevant to contemporary issue in the Black community? -People still believe stigmas about Black males -Black fathers still being restricted - Contrary to popular belief there are plenty of black fathers handling their responsibilities as fathers

  6. The authors were very well informed on the different issues that come with not having a father, especially for the African American community. All different types of scenarios to show every aspect of life that affects children when their fathers are not around.

  7. The book brought to light the everyday issues that are faced in the African American household. The context of the book over all will help the African American community. It tells readers the learning, behavioral, educational, social, and mental health benefits that children receive when having a male figure/ father in their life. It even gives advice on how parents not being together can work on being good parents for their children. With real life examples shows readers that there are black fathers involved in their children's lives.

  8. Briefly re-summarize the book The struggle for Black fathers to overcome long term abuse from enslavement and segregation and how it ultimately shaped the way Black fathers are perceived in today’s society. The importance of Black fathers in their son’s lives and how growing up with or without a father impacts their entire life. The importance of Black fathers in their daughter’s lives and the absence impacts their life. How Black fathers overcome the stereotypes and myths and how some work hard to be apart of their child’s life. 

  9. What the group thought about the book and author Very interesting and well researched book about the struggle that Black fathers face in today’s society. The true stories of black fathers and their situations made the book very real and relatable. The effect of not having a father figure in one’s life can cause serious problems in a child’s life and that aspect is very problematic in today’s world. The book took many different approaches on how to educate people about Black fathers in America and to shine light on the fathers that are present in their children’s lives. Joseph L. White and Michael E. Connor showed us as reader’s that not all Black fathers are invisible and if they are invisible, they provide reasons to why they are not present in the lives of their children.