Partnership engagement grants
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Partnership engagement grants.

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Partnership engagement grants

Partnership engagement grants

If you are developing an ARC Linkage proposal and looking for an industry partner, the City of Melbourne is now providing annual funding as a collaborative industry partner organization to research institutions leading Australian Research Council [ARC] Linkage project grants.

The City of Melbourne are interested in discussing potential research and development projects for the scheme that enable a direct contribution to supporting our Council’s 2013 – 2017 goals of supporting Melbourne as:

A city for people

A creative city

A prosperous city

A knowledge city

An eco-city

A connected city

Our key fields of research interest include: but are not limited to; the Built environment and design, urban planning, engineering, knowledge initiatives, sustainability, local government, capital cities and human society.

The funding provides financial, reputational and in-kind support for quality projects that foster research excellence, that enhance expertise and information sharing, and the delivery of long term benefits and new knowledge across the partnership.

Any joint research proposals undergo a selection process by the City of Melbourne [Research Branch], with approved projects required to align with the next available ARC Linkage Projectround submission date.

Highlight box:

CoM Linkage success stories:

Previous profiles of ARC LPS that you’ve participated in.

For example include an image and a brief paragraph about 3 successful grants

  • Guidelines:

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Application process

  • Expression of interest form

  • Contact us

Partnership engagement grants1

Partnership engagement grants

Eligibility Criteria

All applications will be assessed on the extent to which the proposal specifically contributes to one or more of the priorities contained in the City of Melbourne Council Plan. Proposals must also contribute to one or more of the following:

Attaining the goals and objectives outlined in the City of Melbourne Council Plan and Future Melbourne Community Plan

Improving public policy

Improving local government functions

Exploratory research that builds the knowledge base of emerging or immediate issues which impact on the City of Melbourne, its stakeholders or the municipality

Design and quality of research proposal, ensuring practical and tangible outputs

Degree of significance of research and its capacity to build on the City of Melbourne’s information base

Evidence that the research will be transferrable/usable by the City of Melbourne.

Evidence of track record of research excellence: ie: ERA results [Excellence in Research for Australia], high quality publications in existing field of research and quality preliminary data

Other partner organizations involved in the collaboration

Evidence that the information is not already available


The City of Melbourne may waive all (or part of) the assessment process where a proposal has been previously approved by the City of Melbourne and has been unsuccessful in gaining ARC funding, but requires revisions.

The City of Melbourne will NOT consider the following proposals:

Proposals which have already been funded through other City of Melbourne programs or activities, another grant, funding or and sponsorship program.

Projects where one or more Partner Organisation is seeking expert external assistance outside their own organisation, in order to develop specific applications (for example: contracted research will not be supported)

Partnership engagement grants2

Partnership engagement grants

Application process:

Expressions of interest (EOI) are invited throughout the year. Successful EOI candidates will be notified and invited to complete a more comprehensive City of Melbourne application. The lead research institution will need to align the formal application with the next available ARC-LP round.

Selection Process:

Partnership engagement grants3

Partnership engagement grants

Selection Process (cont’d):

Partnership engagement grants4

Partnership engagement grants

Selection Process (cont’d):




Partnership engagement grants5

Partnership engagement grants

Application lodgement

Applications may be lodged by email in word and power point format to

Partnerships Officer

City Research Branch

City of Melbourne

T: 03 9658 8609

E: [email protected]