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Partnership & Participatory Engagement PowerPoint Presentation
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Partnership & Participatory Engagement

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Partnership & Participatory Engagement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Partnership & Participatory Engagement

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  1. Partnership & Participatory Engagement NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners

  2. Partnerships NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners

  3. Partnerships (cont’d) NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners

  4. FY14 Asteroid Initiative: What and How Asteroid Initiative Asteroid Grand Challenge Asteroid Mission Enhanced NEO Observation Campaign Robotic Mission to Redirect an Asteroid, SEP Diverse Stakeholder Engagement Learning how to manipulate and interact with a NEA Human Mission to an Asteroid Mitigation Approaches Both sets of activities leverage existing NASA work while amplifying participatory engagement to accomplish their individual objectives and synergize for a greater collective purpose.

  5. Desired Outcomes A shared understanding of how partnership and participatory engagement can benefit both the Mission and the Grand Challenge Rich discussion and dialog generated from the 12 ideas presented this morning Clear ideas that can be considered for Mission planning purposes and Grand Challenge implementation planning Identification of relationships between presented ideas that can help mission/concept integration Identification of overlap and synergy between presented ideas Identification of further studies needed and prioritization of next steps/actions NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners

  6. RFI Question 6 -Partnership & Participatory Engagement How can NASA encourage commercial and international partnerships to leverage the Asteroid Initiative to advance human exploration goals such as in-situ resource utilization, and to strengthen planetary defense? What organizations are potential partners, and how can we involve a broad community? What would make participating in the Asteroid Initiative highly desirable for your organization or agency from financial, strategic, technological, and cultural perspectives? How can we generate momentum with near-term goals? What do we need to know with more certainty to expand planetary defense capabilities? What other applications may result from investments in technologies to support the Asteroid Initiative? How do you see the Asteroid Initiative contributing to our nation’s future role in space? NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners

  7. Discussion Points • Describe any impediments to effective and efficient partnership arrangements with NASA. • Do you consider NASA a good partner? Why or why not? • What can NASA do to improve: • Prospects for partnership • Our mechanisms for executing partnerships • Our management of partnerships • Your ability to engage with us as partners • How would you like to participate with NASA? • What ground and space based technologies could NASA demonstrate that would help commercial interests? • What do you see NASA’s role as? • If you could change any one thing to make partnering with NASA better, what would it be and why? NASA Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis • #AsteroidPartners