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Caribbean Geography

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Caribbean Geography . Mr. Langford’s Class. Overview. Learn about leading island nations Learn about island locations Learn about some of the cultural aspects of these important nations Learn about some of the colonial mother’s. The Caribbean . An area that includes over 7,000 islands

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caribbean geography

Caribbean Geography

Mr. Langford’s Class

  • Learn about leading island nations
  • Learn about island locations
  • Learn about some of the cultural aspects of these important nations
  • Learn about some of the colonial mother’s
the caribbean
The Caribbean
  • An area that includes over 7,000 islands
  • Completely influenced by outsiders
  • Volcano made
  • Coral made
  • Some of the greatest coral formations in the world
  • Also known as the West Indies--why?
lesser antilles
Lesser Antilles
  • Islands that are smaller than Puerto Rico
  • Mostly south of Puerto Rico
  • Stretches from the Bahamas to Trinidad & Tobago
greater antilles
Greater Antilles
  • Four largest islands
  • Jamaica, Hispaniola, Cuba and Puerto Rico
  • Located southeast of Florida
  • Generally located close to each
windward islands
Windward Islands
  • Islands located closer to South America
  • Form the bottom half of the crescent
  • Tend to get more wind because of the wind patterns from the equator
leeward islands
Leeward Islands
  • Upper part of the crescent
  • Name comes from a sailing term that equates to the opposite side of the boat that receives the wind
  • NOTE: All islands gets a breeze but these islands do not get as strong as a breeze than the Windward, typically
colonial influences
Colonial Influences
  • Who landed in this area in 1492?
  • Many countries decided to conquer these lands for what purpose?
  • What countries were interested in the Caribbean area?
  • The leader in colonization of the Caribbean
  • Started as a mission for Catholicism and gold
  • Claimed the larger islands--why?
  • What was to be claimed in these areas?
  • Killed many natives and placed thousands into servitude--what the main killer of the natives Great Biological Exchange
  • The newest colonial power
  • Wanted to challenge Spain in all area of the world
  • Exploited natives for labor
  • One of the first to bring slaves
  • Dominated sugar business
  • More of a follower into this region
  • Wanted to investigate possibilities
  • Also imposed Catholicism on the people
  • Made many deals with Spain to gain land--Hispaniola
  • Brought many slaves to the region
the dutch
The Dutch
  • Smallest of the conquerors
  • Kept colonies longer than the rest
  • Gave more independence than the others
  • Considered to be one of the best colonizers
  • Communist government--Fidel Castro
  • Guantanamo Bay--U.S. base
  • Havana--capital and American play land before revolution
  • Seen of the Spanish-American War--Rough Riders
  • Long island--Biggest of the ___________
  • Newest economy is tourism
  • Has rich mineral deposits
  • Language-Petoi--a mix of French and Native
  • Has a great contrast of rich and poor
  • Center of island has a mountain range
  • 1/2 owner of Hispaniola
  • Predominately French influence
  • Very poor
  • Underdeveloped
  • Coup d’etat occur often
dominican republic
Dominican Republic
  • Home of Sammy Sosa
  • Also a poor country
  • Influenced by Spain
  • One of the countries with the most promise
  • !/2 owner of what island?
puerto rico
Puerto Rico
  • Smallest of the Greater Antilles
  • A U.S. territory
  • Has many rights of the United States
  • Influenced by Spain, then United States
  • Tourism is the main economy
the caymans
The Caymans
  • Series of islands make up this country
  • British protectorate
  • Tourism main source of income
  • Includes many banks--”offshore”
  • Home of “The Wall” and “Stingray City”
  • Is this good or bad?
  • Also a series of islands
  • British protectorate
  • Play land of the U.S. in the 70’s
  • Now, many casinos and hotels dot the shore
  • What is their number one source of income?
some unique aspects
Some unique aspects
  • St. Martin and St. Maarten--same island split in half, what is the influence
  • Some islands are privately owned--companies or individuals
  • The region is home to thousands of species
  • Why?