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Unit 1 Online World

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Unit 1 Online World. Data Storage. Database structure. 1 What is a database system? . Answer 1 a database is a system for managing a collection of data. 2 How is data stored in a database?. Answer 2 data bases are stored in tables.

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database structure
Database structure

1 What is a database system?

Answer 1 a database is a system for managing a collection of data.

2 How is data stored in a database?

Answer 2 data bases are stored in tables

3-6 Give brief descriptions of different four types of data

Answer 3 time: a sequence of numbers, letters or symbols

Answer 4 number: represents a numerical value.

Answer 5 date/time: stores a combination of dates and times

Answer 6 logical: represents the data as true and false

database structure1
Database structure

7-8 Describe the part played by a primary key and a foreign key in a database

Answer 7 the primary key is the key used to organise and sort data. It is the unique identifier of each record in each table.

Answer 8 a foreign key is a piece of data which is not meant to be in another table.

9\ Use a simple diagram to show the relationship between database tables

9Diagram below

online databases
Online databases

10 -11 What is an online database and what are the main advantages of using oneline databases?

Answer 10 an online data base is a data base that can be accessed using a network.

Answer 11 an advantages of online data bases is that you can check to see if the products in stock and you can buy lots of different products.

12-15 What does DBMS, SQL, DDL and DML file stand for?

Answer 12 DBMS: Database Manager System

Answer 13 SQL: Structured Query Language

Answer 14 DDL: Data Definition Language

Answer 15 DML: Data Manipulation Language

threats to data
Threats to data

16-20 Describe each of the following threats to data: opportunist, computer viruses, malware, phishing and accidental damage

Answer 16 Opportunists: People who damage files and documents, with computers which are left logged on by the user.

Answer1 7 computer viruses: These are programmes which harm the computer and spread viruses. They harm the computer via e-mails and files.

Answer 18 malware: malware is a intrusive or annoying piece of software or programming code which harms the computer.

Answer 19 phishing: this tries to gain access to passwords, financial details and other info.

Answer20 accidental damage: this is damage caused by floods or storms or mishap.

threats to data1
Threats to data

21-24 Discuss four ways an organisation can be affected after data loss take places

Answer 21 reputation people will be put of using the organisation as they won’t feel safe.

Answer 22 secrets this will be bad as then the competition will find out if the companies making any new products.

Answer 23 identity theft this will be a problem when trying to get loans ect.

Answer 24 legal problems then the company will lose there costumers as they wont feel safe any more.