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Unit 1 Festival around the world

英语必修三. Unit 1 Festival around the world. Unit 2 Healthy eating. Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note. Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars. Unit 5 Ganada——“The True North”. Unit 1 Festival around the world. 词汇过关. 短语习得. 重点句型. 目标解读. 词汇过关. 1. 重点单词拼写.

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Unit 1 Festival around the world

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  1. 英语必修三 Unit 1 Festival around the world Unit 2 Healthy eating Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars Unit 5 Ganada——“The True North”

  2. Unit 1 Festival around the world 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  3. 词汇过关 1. 重点单词拼写 1) Many children sto death in Africa because of the lack of food. 【答案】starved 2) In summer, there is usually p of rain in our area. 【答案】plenty 3) They thought if they held some festivals, their awould be swith what they had done. 【答案】ancestors, satisfied 4) On his a, he was greatly welcomed by his fans. 【答案】arrival 5) The colour of our nflag is red with five yellows stars on it. 【答案】national

  4. 词汇过关 6) Under the lead of our Party, we finally got I from the other countries. 【答案】independence 7) At the beginning of the year, farmers usually have a lot of a work to do. 【答案】agricultural 8) The cof some Ecountries are quite different from ours 【答案】customs, European 9) The wis a kind of fruit, which is quite famous in our city. 【答案】watermelon 10) He is such a hboy that many girls ahim.

  5. 词汇过关 【答案】handsome 11) I hope you will always be ewhen having classes. 【答案】admire 12) Without the teacher’s p, you cannot play with the computer in our class. 【答案】eneregetic, permission 13) He managed to save the dgirl, which was praised by many people. 【答案】drowning 14) It is othat he has known the story. 【答案】obvious

  6. 词汇过关 15) He cheated her, which she would never f. 【答案】forgive 2. 重点词词形变换 1) Although the clerk tried his best the manager, the manager was still not with his work, saying the work was far from his . (satisfy) 【答案】to satisfy; satisfied; satisfaction 2) It is thought to be a plant African, but no one knows exactly the of this plant, because we dont have any material about it. (origin) 【答案】originally; origin; original

  7. 词汇过关 3) All of us were surprised at his here. We had never imagined that he would here in such a short time.(arrive) 【答案】arrival; arrive 4) The whole are preparing eagerly for the election for they are no longer . (nation) 【答案】nation; national; nationless 5) The country finally gained its in 1940 and from then on it on itself to build the country, that is, it is . (depend) 【答案】independence; depends; independent

  8. 词汇过关 6) I, an of Sammi, gave her my towards her by giving her an look.(admire) 【答案】admirer; admiration; admiring 7) All the in the temple hold a ceremony every morning. They are of Buddhist . (religious) 【答案】religious; religious; religion 8) because I know him well, I’m sure there is no of his giving a answer of this question. (possible) 【答案】Possibly; possibility; possible 9) Kelly wrote an letter to Kim to for her calling his nickname, but Kim didnt accept her . (apologize) 【答案】apologetic; apologize; apology

  9. 返回单元菜单 词汇过关 10) May I beg you, a woman full of , this young man? (forgive) 【答案】forgiveness; to forgive; forgivable

  10. 短语习得 1.短语积累 mean doing sth. 意味着 mean to do sth. 打算或企图做某事 mean sb. to do sth. 打算让某人做某事 be meant for 打算作……用; 为……而有 take place 发生;举行 of all kinds 各种各样的 starve to death 饿死  be starved of 缺乏 starve for sth. starve to do 渴望 plenty of 大量; 充足 be satisfied with 感到满意 to one’s satisfaction 感到满意是

  11. 短语习得 do harm to sb=do sb harm 伤害某人 in the shape of 呈……的形状,以……的形式 in memory of/ to the memory of sb. 纪念某人 dress up 穿上最好的衣服;打扮,化装 award sth. (to sb.)和award sb./sth. (for sth.) 给予、颁奖 reward sb. for (sth.) 因……奖赏某人 reward sb. with (sth.) 用某物酬劳某人 admire (sb.) for sth. 在某方面钦佩某人 look forward to 期望,期待,盼望 have fun with (与某人)玩得开心;过得快乐 ( have a good time, enjoy oneself)

  12. 短语习得 turn up 来;出现;把(收音机等)音量开大些 turn down 拒绝 turn off 关掉  turn on 打开 turn out 结果是……  turn to sb. for help 向某人求助 keep one’s word 守信用 break one’s word, 失信  set off 动身, 出发; 使(地雷、炸弹)爆炸 set in开始 set up建立,创立  set out to do = set about doing sth. 着手做 set down 写下,记下

  13. 短语习得 remind sb. of sth. 提醒,使想起 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1) They home at 8 o’clock in the morning and arrived at 9 at night. 【答案】set off for/set out for 2) She told me she would meet me here at 8. But it is 9 o’clock now and she still . 【答案】hasn’t turned up 3) Smoking will your health. You must stop smoking. 【答案】do harm to 4) I’m sure he will give me a hand. He always . 【答案】keeps his word

  14. 返回单元菜单 短语习得 5) the coming of the day, I felt time go especially slowly. 【答案】Looking forward to 6) , his son won the first prize. 【答案】To his satisfaction 7) This garden is a square. 【答案】in the shape of 8) The singer decided to write a song his best friend. 【答案】in memory of 9) He is interested in stamps . 【答案】of all kinds 10) During the carnival people will as monsters and dance all night. 【答案】dress up

  15. 重点句型 1. Different countries have different festivals.(P1) 两个different连用 Different people have different lives.  不同的人有不同的生活。 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 不同的人喜欢不同的乐曲。 2) 不同的人有不同的看法。 【答案】1) Different people like different music. 2) Different people have different opinions.

  16. 返回单元菜单 重点句型 2. Halloween had its origin as an event in memory of the dead.(P2) in memory of 短语表示“为了纪念……”,可以放在句首或句末。 In memory of Quyuan, we hold the Dragon Boat festival. 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 他们将建造一座纪念碑来纪念这位民族英雄。 2) 为了纪念在这场战斗中牺牲的战友,他写下了这首诗歌。 【答案】1) They will build a monument in memory of the national hero. 2) In memory of the soldiers who died in the battle, he wrote down this poem.

  17. 目标解读 1. Festivals are meant to celebrate important events. (P1) mean v. 1) 意味……; 有……的意思 What does the word mean in this context? The sign means (that) the road is blocked. Missing the bus means waiting for another hour. 2) 打算做…… mean to do sth. 打算做…… I didn’t mean to hurt you. mean sb. to do sth. 打算使某人做…… I mean you to work as our guide. mean sb. sth../ mean sth. to sb. 打算给某人…… I mean him no harm. = I mean no harm to him. 我无意伤害他.

  18. 目标解读 3) (对某人而言) 有……的意义 mean sth. to sb. Fame does not mean much to me. 4) be meant for... 为……而有,注定要属于……, 注定要成为…… The magazines was meant for young girls. He was meant for a painter. be meant to do sth. 得做, 必须做, 本来是想做…… You were meant to keep the children out of trouble. It was meant to be an apology but it only made her angry. 【词汇网络】mean to do sth. 打算做…… mean doing sth 意味着做某事 be meant to do sth 得做, 必须做, 本来是想做…… mean adj. 吝啬的 He is mean about/ over/with money.

  19. 目标解读 2. Some festivals are held to honour the dead, or to satisfy and please the ancestors. (P2) satisfy vt. to make sb. happy; pleased 使满意 It’s impossible to satisfy everybody.  使人人满意是不可能的。 I’m not satisfied with that result.  我对那个结果感到不满意。 He was satisfied to win the match.  他对赢得比赛感到满意。 He nodded with satisfaction.  他满意地点点头。 What he has done is far from satisfaction.  他所做的远不能令人满意。

  20. 目标解读 We want satisfactory reasons for your failure to help.  我们要知道你没能协助的充分理由。 Your success will be a great satisfaction to your parents.  你的成功将使你的父母非常满意。 词形变化: satisfied adj. 对……感到满意; satisfactory adj.某事令人满意; satisfaction n.满意(不可数);令人满意的事物(可数); in/with satisfaction满意地 【词汇网络】 be satisfied with=be pleased with=be content with 3. People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter. (P2)

  21. 目标解读 gather:vi.集合, 聚集, 渐增, 蹙眉, 化脓, vt.使聚集, 搜集, 积聚, 推断 收庄稼gather a crop  欢聚一堂merrily gather  共聚一堂gather together  恢复体力gather strength  【词语辨析】 gather; collect gather 系常用词, 指“收集”, “聚集”, “集合在一起”, 如: The clouds are gathering. 云在聚集。 collect 指“有计划、有选择地收集”, 如: He collects stamps. 他集邮。 collect money 收钱

  22. 目标解读 4. Some people might win awards for their animals, flowers, fruit and vegetables, like the biggest watermelon or the most handsome rooster. (P2) award 1) v. award sth. to sb. /award sb. sth 颁发;授予;赏给 He was awarded the first prize.  他被授予一等奖。 The judge awarded her $200 as damages.  法官判给他二百美元作为损失赔偿金。 A gold medal was awarded to the owner.  获胜者被授予一枚金牌。 2) n.奖金;奖学金 He won the award of $1000. 他获得一千美元奖学金。

  23. 目标解读 【词语辨析】 1)award侧重表示“奖金”, 2)prize 则主要表示“各种奖励”。表示“奖学金”时可通用,这种奖赏 有凭能力获得,有凭运气而得。 3)award, prize都可以和win连用,表示“获得奖金或奖励”。 4)reward n.报酬,奖赏,奖金,指对某人的工作或服务等的报答。 v.酬谢;答谢;奖赏。 He worked hard without any hope of reward. 他辛勤工作丝毫不期待报酬。 He was given a medal as a reward for his service. 他因为有功而获颁一枚奖章。 reward sb. for sth.因……而酬谢某人。 Is that how you reward me for my help?  那就是你为了我的帮助而给我的报酬吗?

  24. 目标解读 5. when people admire the moon and give gifts of mooncakes.(P2) admire v. 赞赏;钦佩;羡慕;夸奖。 admire sb. for sth.因某事而羡慕某人。 admire to do sth.喜欢做某事 Visitors to English usually admire their policemen.  去英国的游客通常赞佩他们的警察。 Don’t forget to admire the baby.  别忘了夸奖那婴儿。 I admire him for his sincerity.  我钦佩他的诚实。 I just admire to get letters, but don’t admire to answer them.  我只是喜欢收信件,而不喜欢回信。

  25. 目标解读 词形变化: admiration n.感叹;赞美。 in admiration of 赞美;in (with) admiration 赞叹地; We have great admiration for his courage. admirer n.赞美者,崇拜者; admiring adj.佩服的 He wore an admiring look. 他带着赞叹的神色。 【词语辨析】admire/envy 注意该词和envy的区别。n. 失望与恶意的感觉(与at连用,后接别 人的好运);v. “羡慕,妒忌”,构成短语envy sb./envy sb. sth. He was filled with envy at my success.他十分羡慕我的成功。I envy you your good fortune.我羡慕你的好运。

  26. 目标解读 6. The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. (P2) look forward to:“盼望、期望”,其中to是介词,其后要接名词或 ing形式。如: I’m looking forward to going to your party.  我一心盼望参加你的聚会。 He’s always looked forward to this strike.  他一直期待这次罢工。 【词汇网络】做介词用的带to短语: be/get used to习惯于 object to反对 prefer doing sth to doing sth更喜欢 献身于

  27. 目标解读 pay attention to注意  refer to指的是 turn to转向做  get down to着手做 7. He thought she would keep her word. (P7) word的用法: 1) word 单词;话;  have a word with...= have a talk with...  have words with...= have a quarrel with... in a word= to be brief/ to sum up  in other words= in another saying  word by word  in words 用语言 

  28. 目标解读 weigh one’s word斟词酌句 waste one’s words 白费口舌 eat one’s words (被迫)收回前言, 承认说错 2) 诺言(一般要求与one’s连用) keep/hold one’s word= keep one’s promise 信守诺言 break one’s word 违背诺言 3) 消息(不用任何冠词) Word (news) came that they had been defeated by their rival. I received word that Beijing would host the 2008 Olympics. 8. She was the most lovely of the daughters. (P7) lovely:是个形容词,而非副词,副词应该用in a lovely way 【词汇网络】以ly结尾的形容词: costly 昂贵的 lonely 孤独的 

  29. 目标解读 deadly 死一般的 lively 活泼的  friendly友好的 silly 傻气的  kindly热心肠的 likely 可能的  leisurely悠闲的 ugly 长得丑的  brotherly兄弟般的 earthly尘世的 以ly结尾,既是形容词又是副词: daily 每天的;每天 weekly 每周 monthly每个月 yearly 每年 9. I don’t want them to remind me of her. (P7) remind 的三种用法: remind sb. of (doing) sth.使某人想起(做)某事  remind sb+that从句 提醒某人……使某人想起……  remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 

  30. 目标解读 1) That woman reminds me of my mother.  那妇人使我想起我母亲. 2) That woman reminds me that I have not seen my mother for 3 years.  那妇人使我想起我已经3年没看到我母亲了. 3) That woman reminds me to call my mother. 那妇人提醒我给我母亲打电话. 【词汇网络】convince sb. of sth.使某人相信某事 inform sb. of sth.提醒某人某事 cure sb. of sth.治疗某人某事  accuse sb. of sth.控告某人某事  rid sb. of sth.处理,解决  rob sb. of sth.抢劫某人  relieve sb. of sth.解除 

  31. 目标解读 free sb. of sth.使自由  clear sb. of sth.清除  persuade sb. of sth.说服 cheat sb of sth骗取某人某物  accuse sb of sth控告某人某事 10.And be prepared to explain your answers to the class. (P8) be prepared to do sth:准备好做某事 prepare to do sth:准备做某事 I am not worried about the exam, for I am prepared for it. 【词汇网络】常用被动形式的动词: 1) be+ 情绪过去分词 be+ amazed,amused, annoyed,astonished,concerned,confused, delighted,disappointed,discouraged, disgusted,distressed, excited,frightened,interested, irritated,moved,pleased, puzzled, relieved,shocked,touched

  32. 目标解读 2) be+其他过去分词 be absorbed in专心于 be addicted to沉溺于  be accustomed to习惯于  be adjusted to适应于  be associated with与……联合、联系  be attached to附加于、隶属于…… be based on以……为基础  be composed of由……组成 be connected with与……连结、连接  be divorced from和某人离婚 be devoted to专心于;献身于  be dressed in穿着

  33. 返回单元菜单 返回模块菜单 目标解读 be educated from从学校等毕业  be employed in从事于…… be engaged to和某人订婚  be exposed to暴露于……,面临于…… be faced with面对……  be fed up吃得过饱,对……极其厌倦 be freed from/of从……摆脱;解除了……  be hidden藏好在…… be honored with/tobe被授予……  be seated坐在 因做……而感到荣幸 be involved in卷入、陷入……;专心于  be married to和某人结婚 be prepared to do sth准备好了去做某事  be rooted in扎根于…… be used to+v-ing(phr. ) 习惯于……

  34. Unit 2 Healthy eating 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  35. 词汇过关 1. 重点单词拼写 1) She is so fat that she has made up her mind to go on a dto lose weight. 【答案】diet 2) Rice, noodles and bread all belong to e-giving foods. 【答案】energy 3) When having dinner, I like to eat cinstead of m. 【答案】cucumbers, mashrooms 4) Wu must keep the bof nature. 【答案】balance 5) Cdrove him to follow his friend into that restaurant. 【答案】Curiosity

  36. 词汇过关 6) Scientists are doing some rto find the cause of the disease. 【答案】research 7) There are usually a lot of cin the KFC. 【答案】customers 8) Both of the two restaurants have their sand w, so they decided to cthem together into a larger one. 【答案】strengths, weaknesses, combine 9) They stood there, gat each other without a word. 【答案】glaring 10) Time is l. We need to be hurried. 【答案】limited 11) Knowledge can be of a great bto everybody.

  37. 词汇过关 【答案】benefit 12) Looking at his son, he sand went out of the room. 【答案】sighed 13) Some food is high in fibre which is good for d. 【答案】digestion 2. 重点词词形变换 1) He had so much that he did the work of three men . The more he worked, the morehe became. (energy) 【答案】energy; energetically; energetic 2) You must between health and appetite. If you want to keep fit, you must have a diet, which can keep the of the nutrition. (balance)

  38. 词汇过关 【答案】balance; balanced; balance 3) Hoping to have a figure, the fashion model is to have her . (slim) 【答案】slim/slimmer; slimming; slimness 4) Children are always about everything they see and hear. They will ask all kinds of questions . To meet their , we’d better answer them. (curiosity) 【答案】curious; curiously; curiosity 5) She is in finding the of her rival, which her power in the debate. (weak) 【答案】weak; weakness; weakens

  39. 词汇过关 6) David has a body. He has the to do this hard work. We had better the relationship between us. (strength) 【答案】strong; strength; strengthen 7) The man with a look spoke . I admired his . (gentle) 【答案】gentle; gently; gentleness 8) He seems to have only a intelligence, so we should his power to what we can control. He cant do everything without . (limit) 【答案】limited; limit; limit 9) This new railway this area in many ways. It is to the people living in this area. For the of more people, we can build more railways. (benefit)

  40. 返回单元菜单 词汇过关 10) Some films education with recreation. This kind of can do good to students at school. (combine) 【答案】combine; combination

  41. 短语习得 1.短语积累 a healthy diet健康饮食; a balanced diet平衡的饮食 in a different way用另外方式 most often最经常 feel frustrated感到沮丧 by lunchtime到午餐时间 must have happened一定发生过 at the end of the street在街道的尽头 be tired of 厌倦 be amazed at sth 对……感到惊奇 throw away扔掉 get away with逃脱 

  42. 短语习得 tell lies 说谎 energy-giving food 提供热量的食物 body-building food 提供营养的食物 feel fit 保持精力旺盛 the weakness of the diet 饮食的弱点  the strength of the diet 饮食的优点 do some research into 做一些……方面的研究 earn one’s living 谋生 be in debt 负债 glare at 怒视 move round 绕过 spy on 在暗中侦察;打探 upset sb 使……不安

  43. 短语习得 look ill 感到不舒服 feel sick感到恶心 heavy food不易消化的食物 chat(ting) about聊起关于…… serve with用……配 rather than而不是 cut down减少 before long不久 get rid of 摆脱;除去 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1) Children anything. When they meet anything new, they will ask about it. 【答案】are amazed at

  44. 短语习得 2) The dog and barking at me when I wanted to approach its babies. 【答案】glared at 3) critisize me, my father told me something about being an honest person when I had told lies. 【答案】Rather than 4) You must try the bad habit of talking loudly at table. 【答案】to get rid of 5) I critisizing you. You can do whatever you want to do. 【答案】am tired of 6) He fell ill that night and he died.

  45. 返回单元菜单 短语习得 【答案】before long 7) Because he was not good at running the company, his company at first. But as time went on, he became experienced and earned a lot of money. 【答案】was in debt 8) You must the firecraker before it bombs, or you will get hurt. 【答案】throw away 9) After bargaining for a long time, my wife succeeded in the price of the dress. 【答案】cutting down 10) Before you give the headmaster the proposal, you’d betterthe matter so that you can get the firsthand materials. 【答案】do some research into

  46. 重点句型 1. Nothing could have been better. 没有更好吃的了。(P10) “否定词+比较级”表示最高级的意义,后面实际省略了than it。 —What do you think of the film? —I have never seen a better film (than it). 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 我想谁也不能做的比这要好。 2) 这是我穿过的最好的衣服了。 【答案】1) I think no one can do it better. 2) I have never had a better dress.

  47. 返回单元菜单 重点句型 2. Something terrible must have happened. 一定发生了某种可怕的事情。(P10) must+have done一定做过某事 You must have told me a lie yesterday.你昨天一定说谎了。 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 当时他一定非常后悔他所做的一切。 2)每个人都一定做过错事。 【答案】1) He must have been regretful at that time.  2) All of us must have ever done something wrong.

  48. 目标解读 1. Foods to give energy. (P9)  【词语辨析】energy/power/strength/force energy n.精力;活力;能量 It took a lot of mental energy to understand his lecture.  花了很大脑力才听懂他的演讲。 He is full of energy.他精力充沛。 power n.力量;能力;体力;权力,指“身体上、精神上或心理上的力量, 不管是表现出来的还是潜在的” the power of hearing听力 Carrying this heavy box needs a lot of power. 搬运这个重箱子需要很大力气。 strength n.力气;长处

  49. 目标解读 a man of great strength 一个力气很大的人 She doesn’t have much strength to walk upstairs. 她没有上楼的劲了。 A woman’s strength is her tongue. 妇女的长处在于舌头。 Chinese is her strength.汉语是她的强项。 force 指“运用或发挥出来的力量, 可以克服阻力, 使人或物按要求方向运动” 2. What will happen if you do not eat a balanced diet? (P9) balance n. v.平衡;平稳;余额;使平衡。 Riders need a good sense of balance. 骑车的人必须善于保持平衡。

  50. 目标解读 His wife’s sudden death upset the balance of his mind.  他妻子突然去世,他感到六神无主。 I must check my bank balance. 我必须核对一下我的银行余额。 break the balance of power. 破坏力量间的平衡 keep one’s balance/lose one’s balance. 保持平衡/失去平衡 balance the advantage and disadvantage 权衡得失 词形变化: balanced adj. 保持平衡的;a balanced diet 均衡饮食

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