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A Guide to Using Partner Publishers’ Resources (module 3)

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A Guide to Using Partner Publishers’ Resources (module 3) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide to Using Partner Publishers’ Resources (module 3). MODULE 3 HINARI/Partner Publishers’ Resources. Instructions - This part of the: course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to introduce you to Partner Publishers’ Resources.

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module 3 hinari partner publishers resources
MODULE 3 HINARI/Partner Publishers’ Resources
  • Instructions - This part of the:
  • course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to introduce you to Partner Publishers’ Resources.
  • module is off-line and is intended as an information resource for reference use.
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Finding the HINARI website and registering to access the resources
  • Accessing partner publisher services
  • Logging into Elsevier Science - ScienceDirect website
  • Finding journals and articles and other ‘services’
  • Logging into HighWire website
  • Finding journals and articles and other ‘services’
  • Logging into WileyInterScience website
  • Finding journals and articles and other ‘services’
  • A brief overview of Nature Publishing
logging on to hinari 1
Logging on to HINARI 1

Before logging into the Partner Publisher services websites, we will Login to the HINARI site using the URL http://www.who.int/hinari/

logging into hinari 2
Logging into HINARI 2

We will need to enter our HINARI User Name and Password in theappropriate boxes, then click on the Login button.

Note: If you do not properly sign on, you will not have access to full text articles.


Remember - if you fail to use the Login page, you will have a second option on the Full text journals, databases, and other resources sub-page.

logging on to hinari 3

Using the ‘drop down menu’, we will view the links to the Partner publisher services websites. Note how HINARI lists the ‘access status.’ This example is for a Band 1 country.

Note that this ‘drop down menu’ only contains the major HINARI participating publishers. For a list of complete list of publishers and journals, go to the Find journals by publisher list on the left side of the page.

Logging on to HINARI 3
elsevier science sciencedirect
(Elsevier Science) ScienceDirect
  • access via Quick Search, to locate articles or journal titles - author, title, abstract or keyword search
  • browse by Title and browse by Subject
  • register for Quick Links
    • subject alerts
    • recall of saved searches
    • a list of the top 25 articles (in your subject area)


When we open a Partners publisher services resource, a new window will open. We should now be authenticated at the new site. We have chosen ScienceDirect.

This is the initial page of the website. From here, we can locate articles or journal titles, register for a personal profile, and order table of contents services.

science direct 5
Science Direct 5

To select a journal from Science Direct, highlight a title in the Browse by title A-Z list (in the left column).

science direct 6
Science Direct 6

We have opened the journal homepage of The Lancet within the ScienceDirect website. From here, we will see a list of issues we can access.

Within an issue, you can view articles as Full Text including Links (by clicking on the title) or a PDF or a Preview (abstract) format.

Issues and articles available to HINARI registered users have a GREEN box next to the issue # or title.

science direct 8
Science Direct 8

We now have accessed a full text (html) article. You can make a copy from the PDF version

Add how to print article and note also can save or email...

Here is an article in PDF format. When we choose this option, a new window will open with the article within. When we have printed the article, we can close the extra window.


By clicking on the Print icon, the instructions for the printer will appear. Note the 'Preview Composite' shows how the PDF will print.

You also can Save the article to the computer's hard drive(c:) or a flash drives.

Here is an article in PDF format. When we choose this option a new window will open with the article within. When we have printed the article, we can close the extra window.

science direct 10
Science Direct 10

Within ScienceDirect, you can browse journals by broad Subject headings.

science direct 4


Science Direct 4

Via the Quick Search option, you can be locate articles by Author, Journal/book title, Volume & Issue and keywords (all fields).

The website contains over 9,400,000 full text articles.

science direct 2
Science Direct 2

In Advanced Search, ScienceDirectallows us to search across All fields within the Elsevier Science collection.

In this example, we will go to the Quick Search, enter tuberculosis in the All Journals and All Sciences and All Years boxes and click on the Go button.

science direct 3
Science Direct 3

These are the results for the search tuberculosis in Journals that located 122,661 articles. The greenboxes notes that, via HINARI, the full-text articles are available. These articles are arranged in date of publication descending order.


In this Advanced Search option,, we have combined the termsmalaria AND bednetsfor All sources andadded the 2005 to Present year limit.

science direct 13
Science Direct 13

The result of this Advanced Search for malaria andbednetsis 302 articles.

highwire press website
HighWire Press website
  • a portal to over 1,150 journals published predominantly by learned societies
  • Includes health-related journals - American Journal of Public Health, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Journal of Bacteriology and JAMA
  • via IP address, allows access to participating journals from any computer within the country
  • has a listing of the ‘journals free to developing-economies’ that can be accessed directly from the HighWire Press site: http//:highwire.stanford.edu
highwire press
HighWire Press
  • an A-Z Journal Title list to almost 1300 journals
  • a means to search the database and to search across individual and multiple journals
  • ability to set up Alerts
highwire press 3
HighWire Press 3

This is the HighWire Pressinitial page. From this site, we can locate articles or journal titles or subjects and set up an email alert.

The Free Access to Developing Economies link is located on the initial page. Also of interest is the Free full-text content link.

Note: You can access the HighWire Press full text articles since this publisher identifies computer (IP) addresses from eligible countries. This is the ONLY exception to not needing to use your institution’s User Name and Password.


You now have entered the Free Access to Developing Economies list of HighWire Press.

As noted, the access is based on the computer's IP Address and you can go directly to the site using the url.

highwire press 4

Within HighWire Press, we have entered the Free Online Full-Text Articles page.

Note that some journals are a free site and others have free articles after a set period of time.

The HINARI eligible country access is a different mix of titles.

HighWire Press 4

We have accessed the table of contents page of an issue of JAMA with Abstract, Full Text (HTML)and PDF options to specific articles.

wiley interscience
Wiley InterScience
  • as of July 1, 2008 – includes all Blackwell Synergy and Wiley InterScience titles
  • a journal titles by A-Z and/or subject list
  • ‘email alert’ for new content
  • a personal profile of journals
  • keyword search across individual and multiple journals
wiley interscience 0
Wiley Interscience 0

The Wiley Online Library website begins with a Browse by Subject Area listing. We will choose the Medicine category. Note also the Nursing, Dentistry and HealthCare, Social and Behavioral Science, Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine categories.

wiley interscience 2
Wiley Interscience 2

In the Medicine category,you can Browse By Category or Publication Titles and keyword Search options.

wiley interscience 4
Wiley Interscience 4

We have accessed the Basic Medical Sciences category and then clicked on View all publications in Basic Medical Sciences. Here is where you get the list of all the journals. Note that you can search All content and also complete an Advanced search.

nature publishing group
Nature Publishing Group
  • publications A-Z Index
  • browse by subject function
  • keyword “search” and “advanced Search” - for an individual journal or across all the Nature Publishing titles
  • e-alert option
nature publishing intro page
Nature Publishing Intro Page

This is the initial page of the Nature Publishing website and contains a link to the Publications A-Z index.

nature publishing title a z list
Nature Publishing Title A-Z List

We have displayed the Nature Publishing page that contains a Publications A-Z Index and also allows us to conduct a keyword Search plus an Advanced search option.


In specific Nature journals, you can access the article by Abstract, Full Text (HTML) or PDF.

This is the end of Module 3.

There is a workbook to accompany this module. The workbook will take you through a live session covering the topics included in this demonstration with working examples.

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