what is dale farm n.
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What is Dale Farm?

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What is Dale Farm? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is Dale Farm?. Dale Farm was Europe's largest Traveller site. .

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what is dale farm

What is Dale Farm?

Dale Farm was Europe's largest Traveller site.


Travellers own the land at Dale Farm. Half the site is owned by English Travellers who have planning permission to live on the land. The other half is owned by Irish Travellers who don’t have planning permission to live on the land.

the supreme court
The Supreme Court



Basildon Council

You want the Judges to give permission for the land clearance to go ahead, in your opinion:

It is not an eviction as the Travellers never had planning permission to live on the land – it is a site clearance.

You have offered the families alternative housing.

Dale Farm is Green Belt land and so there are strict rules regarding how it might be used.

The rules apply to everyone equally and this includes Irish Travellers.

You want the judges to grant you permission to live on the land, in your opinion:

  • You bought the land legally.
  • The eviction will cost tax payers £18m
  • Approx. 90 families will be made homeless.
  • The land was being used as a scrap yard until you moved in and cleaned it up.
  • Some people think that the Council might be racist towards Irish Travellers.