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Technical Advisory Board Ganil 2015

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Technical Advisory Board Ganil 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical Advisory Board Ganil 2015. F. Chautard GANIL-Caen.

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technical advisory board ganil 2015
Technical Advisory Board Ganil 2015

F. Chautard


Sytze Brandenburg (KVI), Frédéric Chautard (chair, GANIL), Antoine Daël (SACLAY), Bernard Launé (IPNO), Olivier Laurent (GANIL), Jerry Nolen (ARGONNE), Eric Petit (SP2/GANIL), Josiane Sauret (GANIL), Thierry Stora (CERN), Mauritzio Vretenar (CERN)

Will provide advice on the technical implications, including radio-protection and safety, of the future physics requirements and the possible large-scale maintenance needed.

Two meetings and active participation of the members;

Version 1 of the cluster reports taken into account;

About 60 points of interest « extracted »

The table has been sent to physicists to be complete and corrected

Great creativity of the physicists;

Not all synthesis tables were filled in by the cluster groups;

Poor relevant informations from safety point of view;

Beam descriptions uncompleted (A, I, W ranges);

Already Version 2 of the reports;

main proposals
Main proposals



  • A mass spectrometer would be useful behind LISE3 or LISE2000 if not Sissi


  • if SISSI is not replaced, use the CLIM target / LISE separator ensemble to produce and separate the fragmented beams and place SPEG behind LISE.
  • To have fragmented beams in SPEG, the most viable solution is to repair SISSI.


main proposals1
Main proposals

Alpha optics evolution


  • New alpha separator


  • A larger beamline rigidity of the SISSI-ALPHA
  • improve the ensemble SISSI-ALPHA in terms of acceptance
main proposals2
Main proposals

Ganil Test Source


  • Increase of the intensity of the heavy beams Pb, U up to 20 pnA


  • Larger beam intensity


  • GTS type sources on the C0 platforms will be interesting, for a small part of the users, to have higher energies and current for heavy ions in the CSS1 energy range.


  • Replace the existing C01 ion source.
main proposals3
Main proposals

Selective ion sources


  • To avoid problems related to radioactivity, it is essential that the beams be as isotopically pure as possible, in principle already before injection in the CIME cyclotron


  • Improvement of beam purity
main proposals4
Main proposals

Ion source developments


  • The development of Alkali beams 1+N+ compact ion source
  • New beams: 11Li, Al, Si, 26P, 27S, 44Ti, 56Ni, 68Se, 72Kr …
  • In my opinion the continuation of SPIRAL1 does not make much sense unless effort is devoted to the development of new beam species.


  • More species should be authorized to be driven in the LIRAT line (Presently only 4 beams are authorized 6He, 19Ne, 32Ar and 35Ar).
main proposals5
Main proposals

New cave


  • A requirement of another cave for the study of new beams will be very important (not SIRa) requirements
  • Using the intense 12C beam from GANIL, the fragmentation of various target materials would considerably extend the scope of SPIRAL1 and in some cases also boost intensities


  • Development : Use with post-accelerated beam from CIME (fission fragments and other beams-other targets)



Already Ongoing Projects:

  • SISSI2
  • The development of Alkali beams 1+N
  • Study of high power target 3kW for other beams (36S , 40Ar, 20Ne)
  • fusion-evaporation: Pd foil in the SPIRAL 1 ECS and the usual thick 12C target as catcher of the direct beam.

To be evaluated before starting a project:

  • Ion source developments
  • GTS integration in GANIL injector
  • Better time resolution without decrease of the beam intensity.
  • pulse suppressor
  • Deporting the chopper after the SME
  • New cave
  • New or improved alpha spectrometer
  • Re-injection in SSC
  • Direct line G1/G2
  • The TAB group found a great number of interesting ideas. May be yet too many to give clear answers.
  • the needs have to be stated more clearly, which should be done by a more intense collaboration between the clusters and the TAB.
  • Machine maintenance status around 2015
  • To ease TAB work :
    • Fill the synthesis table in or complete the TAB table
    • For new beams fill in the proposed table below

Ready for

a more intense collaboration