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  2. Who Was Louis Riel • He was born on October, 22, 1844. Louis was a Métis, he was Métis because his Grandmother ( His fathers mother) was a Dene aboriginal woman • He was born in a Catholic family • He had a high education • He was a husband and father • He was the leader of the Red River Resistance

  3. Why I chose Louis Riel • He made a huge contribution and impact to the way Métis people are recognized today • He had a huge impact on Manitoba joining confederation • Hewasa Canadian • I’m a Métis • Marriage and association relate me to him

  4. My Family Connections

  5. My four times great aunt also the woman who connects my family to Louis Riel’s family My four times great grandfather

  6. MoiseLucier ( My three times great grandfather

  7. Alex Lucier (My two times great grandfather)

  8. Teresa Lucier (My Great Grandmother

  9. Cecile Abraham (My Grandma)

  10. Garth Henry (My Dad)

  11. Me (Lucienne Henry )

  12. My Three Main Points On Why Louis Riel was an Influential Person in History • He had an impact on Manitoba joining confederation • He was one of the first major influential Métis leaders • He helped make Métis recognized first nations

  13. He Had an Impact on Manitoba Joining Confederation • He wanted the colony to enter confederation with institutions much like Quebec • Riel demanded that Red River enter confederation as a province, and that the local inhabitants possessed the same rights as all Canadians • This allowed for Manitoba to exercise constitutional power in its own right

  14. He Was One of The First Major Influential Métis leaders • Louis is known as the father of Manitoba but he is also known as the man who stood up for the rights of the Métis people • Louis Riel’s fight for equal rights for Métisallowed him to become a symbol of leadership to many Métis and non Métis individuals in that time and in the modern day • Louis showed that the preconceived idea of Métis people as dirty unintelligent half breeds was wrong

  15. He Helped Make Métis Become Recognized First Nations • He believed that the French speaking Métis were belonging to neither the French community nor the native community, he believed that they were their own nation. • Louis Riel pushed strongly for land rights and received them in the form of script. • Because the government of Canada, acknowledged the Métis and gave them script it was an acknowledgment that they were a native people

  16. His Major Contribution • His Major Contribution was his hand in Manitoba joining confederation

  17. Thank You!