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What Makes Someone Great? A WebQuest for 6th Grade Gifted and Talented Designed by

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What Makes Someone Great? A WebQuest for 6th Grade Gifted and Talented Designed by - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Makes Someone Great? A WebQuest for 6th Grade Gifted and Talented Designed by Vicki L. Wright Edited by Renee Rosen Last updated on November 6, 2003 . Based on a template from The WebQuest Page. The Task

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What Makes Someone Great?

A WebQuest for 6th Grade Gifted and Talented

Designed by

Vicki L.

Edited by

Renee Rosen

Last updated on November 6, 2003. Based on a template from The WebQuest Page


The Task

  • Your job is to examine the lives and personalities of admirable people in a variety of fields. Look for anything that these people might have in common.
  • They may have something similar that happened in childhood. Or, perhaps they each had a special person influence them. It's also possible that there is something about their personalities that makes them successful.
  • Is there a "key" to their success? Or, do you believe that they have nothing in common.
  • Your group will defend your findings with specific examples from the lives of the people you've studied.
  • You may use props, such as charts, graphs or pictures, to assist you in your presentation.

The Process

  • What makes someone great?
  • Your task is to find answers to this question by learning about the lives of people who are famous or well-known in their particular field.
  • One person in the group will be a Science and Technology expert, one will be an expert in Leadership, one on Sports, and one will focus on Arts and Humanities.
  • Before beginning your research, read the articles distributed for some background information. Take notes as you read looking for commonalities in definition. Be prepared to discuss and share out theories in your group.

The Links

Science and Technology



Arts and


Step One:

  • You will be researching THREE specific people in your chosen field.
  • You may use books, encyclopedias, magazines as well as the Internet links provided.
  • Because the fields are divided among you, it will be extremely important that each of you learn as much as you can about what influenced these people and caused them to become great.
  • Take notes on each individual so that you have some facts to refer to later.

Step Two:

  • Continue reading about the THREE people you have selected and collect information about their lives.
  • Begin to formulate your own theories about what might have caused them to become great.
  • Look for evidence to support your theories.

Step Three:

  • Meet with your group members to compare what you've learned. Are your theories similar? Can you find anything that the famous individuals might have in common?
  • If you find nothing in common, you may want to consider the theories of other members of the group and go back through the information on your subjects. Perhaps you overlooked something. If there is nothing in common, this will need to be incorporated into your presentation.
  • Develop your plan for the presentation you will give to the class. Determine what role you will play in the presentation and what you will contribute. Will you have visual aids? How will you get your message across to your audience?

Step Four:

  • Finalize your plans for your presentation as a group.
  • Make sure that each of you has a significant role in sharing your findings.
  • Practice your delivery.

Important Reminders

  • Be prepared to share information about each person with your fellow group members.
  • You will compare and contrast personal characteristics, backgrounds, childhood anecdotes, and personal influences for these people in an effort to find commonalities.
  • What do students need to learn, and how can they be encouraged to become influential experts and leaders?


  • Your work on the project, What Makes SomeoneGreat?
  • The project will be scored based on the points system that follows.
  • You will be evaluated with two rubrics –
    • One on just you.
    • The other on your whole group.
  • Remember that your efforts are essential in helping your group to uncover the “keys to greatness.”
scoring rubric
Scoring Rubric
  • Research & content (SS grade)- 40 pts.
  • Outline 10 pts.
  • Language (mechanics, expression) 20 pts.
  • Presentation (including visuals- group grade)

15 pts.

  • Works cited 15 pts.


  • By learning about the lives and personalities of people who are commonly believed to be exceptionally talented, you will identify the qualities and traits that contribute to their uncommon greatness.
  • This may help you understand more about your own potential for success.