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SCT Services and Patch Panels

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SCT Services and Patch Panels. Type IV PP3 Type II-III and PP1 Fibres Heaters DCS Testing. Workpackage Status of Type IV Cables. Cables production resumed last week (KontaktSysteme) 20 + 80 doubles harnesses delivered

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sct services and patch panels

SCT Services andPatch Panels

Type IV


Type II-III and PP1






A.Ciocio - SCTSG

status of type iv cables
Status of Type IV Cables
  • Cables production resumed last week (KontaktSysteme)
  • 20 + 80 doubles harnesses delivered
    • 602 double harnesses to complete production
  • Still to be tested and inspected
  • Installation has very low priority but it is happening occasionally
    • ca. 250 harnesses installed out of 460 received for the USA side
  • Installation will resume regularly in April
  • Connector in situ (CPE)
    • All cables in US15 installed and almost completed with connectors on the PS end
    • A few racks are tested
    • Very good yield
    • Rack testing in progress
    • CPE will pause at the end of this week
    • Work will be resumed in April with racks in USA15
  • Encrease cost from both companies

Racks on Level 6

US side

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

  • PP3 units are produced in Melbourne and shipped to CERN
    • First 100 units were received in October
    • ~1000 by December and several subracks of 30 units were assembled
    • 1759 PP3s fully tested and 55 subracks assembled as of a month ago
    • 2113 PP3 units just arrived at CERN
  • The total number shipped should be 4103
  • But we need more PP3's...4275 total number
  • There are spares in the middle of the rack (to skip PS channels - interlock modularity) and usually in groups at the top or the bottom
  • Often top or bottom subracks are not completely used and we should optimize that occupancy – with empty boxes or mini subracks
  • Mini subracks of different row-sizes it's not the best option (too many options) therefore we should build the standard subracks with the empty boxes
  • The empty boxes should be at least 125
  • A few subracks of one row of PP3 are necessary for the very full racks that don’t have spares already at the top or bottom

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

pp3 assembly testing installation
PP3 Assembly, Testing,Installation
  • Assembly
    • 30 PP3 units are assembled in one subrack
    • Insulating film applied on individual shield case
    • A few drops of silicone to hold them together
    • External clamp for rack mounting
    • Kapton tape strips to cover screw-heads
    • Extra kapton (or insulation film) inside the clamp
  • Testing
    • Burn-in of 90 units/day
  • Installation
    • Cables have been plugged in a few dummy Patch Panels during installation to be placed in the right (final) position and were tightened to horizontal bars
    • Cables will have to be all removed from the current position and plugged in by groups/rows when the installation of the real PP3 will occur
    • 30 PP3 subracks (3 racks) have been installed so far
  • Current Plan
    • Estimated installation of 90 units per day limited until now by delivery, testing capability and problems
    • Need 200 special PP3s soon to go in the first rack where bigger connector hood were used - requires more tolerance (shorter standoffs)
    • Rework of remaining subracks (10) that don’t have kapton tape on screws either by taking the subrack apart – but difficult at times and risk of damaging insulation or replacing shield case
    • Rework subracks that need extra insulation on the corner unit
    • Installation of PP3s in racks to which type III cables arrive with highest priority
    • Need continue SCT participation to meet schedule and long term presence of at least one technical staff
    • Scott Moncrieff (Melbourne) is at CERN working on assembly and installation

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii services timescale
Type II ServicesTimescale
  • Sector 5 (top) and Sector 13 (bottom)
    • heater cables, and DCS cables
    • Just finished
  • Sector 9 horizontal towards USA15 is currently being installed
    • SCT fibres and SCT power cables (886 cables + spares)
    • Fibres today
    • Barrel cables (side A and C) should start tomorrow
  • Sector 3
    • was supposed to follow sector 5, but was held up by problems with arches above detector and muon chamber installation
    • It’s going to follow Sector 9
  • Sequence in a sector is:
    • Tubes, fibres, heater cables, SCT cables, (Muon chambers),
    • TRT cables, pixel cables

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii iii pp1 status
Type II/III & PP1 - Status
  • INEO/Thurmelec are making double length harnesses with type II cable and type III spliced, and type II FCI/JST connectors on both ends as they receive information about the lengths
  • Single length cables with FCT connector (PP3) are also produced
    • First 60 cables received + 60 coming (Sector 9)
    • 200/week after to follow
  • PPB1 – need small clamps, cable tray covers etc. (mid March)
  • PPF1 – more parts needed. Cable clamp redesigned by NIKHEF. Other parts on order via RAL.

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii iii cables installation
Type II/III cables – Installation
  • We measured with test cables the routing from cryostat to PP3 racks
  • Found extra (more than extra) length to trim off – then new lengths were sent to the company
    • Labels printed and sent to company
    • Mapping defined – drawings for installation are made
    • Mapping for PP1 connectivity transferred to Nicolas/Sigi
  • For installation of sector 9:
    • 60 cables received + 60 coming
    • 200/week after to follow
    • Found 3-4 m extra length on the type III
    • Sergei is adding cable tray loop near the PP3 rack
  • Acceptance test
    • DPP1 are used to test cables before installation (mechanical and electrical tests)
    • Many use cycles on the very thin gold plating could create a surface that is too abrasive for the delicate JST
    • Use a DPP1 as a test fixture only 20 times, then swap
    • First batch of 60 cables fully tested (mechanical & electrical) – 100% yield
    • For future batches we will use a reduced acceptance test
  • Will install PP3s in racks to which type III cables arrive with highest priority
  • Will plug in type III cables (not the TC team)

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct readout cables status
SCT Readout Cables - Status
  • All 144+2 cables for the SCT readout and 2 long cables which will cut to 38 FSI laser light delivery cables are at CERN
  • 18 readout cables (9 side A and 9 side C) will be installed in sector 9.
  • SCT readout cable protection:
    • End-cap: bare ribbons at the detector end of the readout cables will be temporarily protected using a foam tube.
    • Barrel: bare ribbons at the detector end will be temporarily protected near the PPB1 area by a protective plate that is being designed by Andy Nichols.
  • The definition of the reference point and lengths of ribbons from the reference point became unclear during the tests with a model of PPF1. They are presently being clarified so that hopefully today we know the precise lengths.
  • The installation of the first end-cap cables should start today

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct fibre cable testing
SCT Fibre Cable Testing
  • No acceptance test will be done before the cable installation to avoid spoiling the heavy duty rigging (Cables tested by Fujikura).
  • After the cable installation, two test will be done:
    • Test of fibre attenuation:
    • TOF for all TTC fibres in cables:
    • Both attenuation and TOF test systems (described at ) have already been tested at CERN.

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

id heater cable production and installation
ID Heater Cable Production and Installation

Cryostat Cables Only

  • Total Cables Installed = 56 + 115 + 82 = 253
  • Cables Tested = 56 + 115 = 171
  • There are 2 Italian technicians here next week working on E-cables
  • There is a German technician here this week working on C cables.

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct dcs cables
SCT DCS Cables
  • 128 type II and 40 type IV
  • All cables for the barrel are in the pit
  • 12 cables on sector 5 and 12 cables on sector 13 are installed and tested
  • 3 cables in sector 5 were damaged during installation (caught on sharp edge of cable tray) – repaired
  • 24 Cables in sector 9 installed and tested successfully

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

installation testing
Installation & Testing

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

what to do
What to do

To sign up for shifts (and contact me because of unexpected changing in rate delivery/testing problems)

  • Safety courses:

1) basic safety training course (level 1-2-3 video in B55)

2) Level 4 for working in US15 + Oxybox (we have them)

If you have an AIS LOGIN (used for EDH documents), you can follow the course from anywhere

(even outside CERN) with AIS login by accessing

If you have no AIS LOGIN, you need to register at the following address

3) Level 4A mandatory to enter the ATLAS underground areas

This course is composed of 4 modules : Cryogeny, Evacuation, Installation and Magnet. Each of these modules is followed by a small test which you have to take and pass.

If you do not yet have an AIS login, please contact the ATLAS secretariat and ask for this AIS account (they must be registered with ATLAS). If this is not possible, we will organise special training at CERN.

4) make the access request on EDH

5) get your safety boots & helmet (or borrow them)

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

equipment ids for mtf db
Equipment IDs for MTF DB
  • All equipment must have an MTF id to be installed in the pit (US/A or UX)
  • Unique 14 character alpha numeric code
  • Discussion with ID people about the equipment ID for MTF
  • Fully digital code from SCT (and Pixel) production DB is acceptable
  • All other ID equipment should have a code like 20ISDAQ0001234
  • Defining Power Supply and ROD items
  • Each subsystem should have a contact person for MTF

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

links summary
LINKS Summary
  • SCT Cables Web page

  • Mapping, technical appendices, cables related documents

  • Shifts

Shift planner (developed by D. Robinson) works very well for planning the activities and have people to sign up

  • Safety courses

Level 1-2-3 basic course for access underground and point 1

Level 4: with AIS login

Level 4A: AIS login

  • Overall Safety and Health Procedure Document PPSPS
  • Rack Wizard

ID installation

  • Tuesday mornings, CRM (control room management) meetings
  • Wednesday mornings ID/TC installation meeting

A.Ciocio - SCTSG