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SCT Services Installation

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SCT Services Installation. Type IV PP3 Type II-III and PP1 Fibre Cables DCS Testing & Installation Plan. Workpackage Status of Type IV Cables. Cables production resumed in February after 3 months stop See ID week February ‘06

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sct services installation

SCT Services Installation

Type IV


Type II-III and PP1

Fibre Cables


Testing & Installation Plan


A.Ciocio - SCTSG

status of type iv cables
Status of Type IV Cables
  • Cables production
    • resumed in February after 3 months stop
    • See ID week February ‘06
  • Delivery of doubles harnesses completed (last week)
    • 2125 double harnesses (4250 cables)
  • Installation
    • All racks in US side + 2 USA racks were installed last year by TC teams (Russian)
    • Installation resumed at the end of March with a new TC team (French)
    • Very slow startup
    • Completion of USA side was expected by the end of May
    • Unlikely even with 2 teams (2 shifts) and with participation of Russian teams
  • Connector in situ (CPE)
    • All cables (except for a few) in US15 completed on March 10
    • Most racks are tested
    • Very good yield
    • 2 techs returned on April 18 and currently working on one USA rack
    • Complete US side and continue racks in USA15 when full team will be back

Racks on Level 6

US side

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

  • 4261 PP3 units needed
    • 173 are spares
    • 139 empty shield cases
    • Standard subracks of 30 units
    • Mini subracks (of 5 units)
    • Special subracks (PP3 + empty cases)

Layout of each rack can be found at:

  • Much of the installation done but lots of work to complete all racks:
    • Most of subracks installed
    • Some subracks sitting by racks to be installed
    • Small fraction of cables partially plugged in
    • Rework for damages (due to installation)
  • Parts missing:
    • 4 standard subracks
    • 3 special subracks
    • 2 mini subracks
    • Outer shells
    • 80 PP3 units
  • Schedule still unknown but promised soon – NEED last parts ASAP

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii iii by sector









Type II-III by Sector

US PP3 racks

USA PP3 racks

336 Barrel

247 EC

336 Barrel

247 EC

Level 8

Level 7

384 Barrel

494 EC

384 Barrel

494 EC

Level 5 & 2

Level 6

336 Barrel

247 EC

336 Barrel

247 EC

Level 2

Level 1 & 2

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct services sequence
SCT ServicesSequence
  • Sector 5 (top) and Sector 13 (bottom)
    • heater cables, and DCS cables (completed)
  • Sector 9 - Installation completed on May 1
    • 878 SCT cables (384 Barrel, 494 EC)
    • 18 Fibre cables (EC)
  • Sector 3 - Installation started May 2 – two weeks to complete
    • 583 SCT cables (336 Barrel, 247 EC)
    • 27 Fibre cables (9 EC,18 Barrel)
  • Sector 1 next – can start this week to allow parallel team work
    • 878 SCT cables (384 Barrel, 494 EC)
    • 18 Fibre cables (Barrel)
  • Sector 7 – Lengths measured – Length will be sent to company this week
    • 583 SCT cables (336 Barrel, 247 EC)
    • 27 Fibre cables (9 EC,18 Barrel)
  • Sectors 11, 15 – Double harnesses length sent to company to fabricate
    • 583 + 583 SCT cables (336 Barrel, 247 EC)
    • 27 + 27 Fibre cables (9 EC,18 Barrel)
  • Installation sequence in a sector is:
    • Tubes, fibres, heater cables, SCT cables, (Muon chambers),
    • TRT cables, pixel cables

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii iii pp1 production
Type II/III & PP1 – Production
  • INEO/Thurmelec are making type II-III cables in 2 steps:
    • double length harnesses as they receive information about the lengths

type II cable and type III spliced

type II FCI/JST connectors on both ends of double harness

    • Single length cables with FCT connector (PP3) are produced when length finalized with test cable measurement from cryostat to PP3 racks sector by sector
  • Delivery rate reached the promised: 400 cables/week
  • We are ahead with cable preparation!
  • So far good quality
  • No fatal defect found on some cables (the color coat is gone is some section/pattern but kapton insulation OK)
  • PPB1 – clamps, clips, cable tray covers were late, not used yet during installation
    • Clamp mounting finalized today
    • Clip under revision
  • PPF1 – most parts available
    • Found the best way to crimp group of drain wires in a ferrule and catch the ferrule with the grub screws into clamp’s holes

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

type ii iii cables installation
Type II/III cables – Installation
  • About 1000 cables installed
  • ½ bundle /day/side/team
  • 48 cables/day but can reach 100 in the future
  • Problem with testing related to the grounding in cryostat (OK)
  • Mechanical problems to fit layers of 6 cables between clamp holder pins (all cables installed have been retrofit)
  • Clamp installation
    • Barrel today
    • EC final
  • Details given in April SCTSG

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct readout cables status
SCT Readout Cables - Status
  • All 18 (SCT readout) cables for end-cap in sector 9 installed and tested, all OK (this was the first sector with SCT fibre cables).
  • 18 barrel cables installed in sector 3 during last two weeks (9 on side A and 9 on side C). These were the first SCT barrel readout cables installed. Barrel cables are quite fragile due to a 3 meter long strip-back of the cable cladding at the end of the cables. No serious problems were encountered during the installation. The cables need to be tested, probably with the help of people coming from Oxford.
  • 9 end-cap cables in sector 3 will be installed in the next phase, perhaps this week (6 cables on side A and 3 cables on side C).
  • Sector 1 should be installed afterwards. There are 18 end-cap cables and no barrel cable.

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

fsi delivery cables and tubes
FSI delivery cables and tubes
  • 38 cables
  • The first FSI delivery cable cut and prepared for the installation in sector 3. The length of the cable taken from the EDH table.
  • After the first cable is installed, 8 more cables will be cut, labeled and installed (i.e. all cables for sector 3). The lengths to cut will be determined from the first cable.
  • The first FSI tube is going to be bent, cut and installed this week by the technicians.
  • The drawings of the tubes are not precise and needed some modifications to respect the real situation on the cryostat flange

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

sct dcs cables
SCT DCS Cables
  • 128 type II and 40 type IV
  • All cables for the barrel are in the pit and ready for installation
  • Sector 13: 24 cables are installed and tested
  • Sector 5: 24 cables are installed and tested
  • 3 cables in sector 5 were damaged during installation (caught on sharp edge of cable tray) – repaired
  • 20 cables to be installed in sector 3 are ready but installation should occur soon
  • Installation of SCT DCS cables interleaved with ID DCS cables

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

installation testing activities
Installation & Testing Activities
  • Type IV (2 people + Petr + Prague)
    • Acceptance test
    • Test in rack after installation
    • Test of cut cables after connector in situ work
    • Plug-in cables into PS crates – test with feedtrough
  • Type II-III Preparation (5 people + Vlastik + Kuo Ming)
    • Acceptance test (partial)
    • Visual inspection
    • Folding the shield and cut it the right amount, fix it
    • Organize boxes with right cables to send following installation sequence
  • Type II-III Installation(2 people: Lars & Neil part time + Jacek)
    • Mount dPPB1 and dPPF1
    • For Barrel:
      • Squeezing the cables to fit between pin and clamp holder
      • Plug-in of the delicate JST/FCI connectors to dPPB1
      • Placing the clamp (now), placing the clip (later)
    • For Endcap:
      • crimp group of drain wires in a ferrule and catch the ferrule with the grub screws into clamp’s holes
      • Plug in the dPPF1
  • Type II-III Testing (Alexandre + 1 person)
  • PP3 (Scott was here for 2 months – need 2 people now)
    • Burn-in of units
    • Assembly into subracks
    • Installation into racks of subracks
    • Plug-in the cables to PP3
  • Final test of whole chain (2 people)

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

  • PP3
    • Damaged In the pit left by racks
    • Damaged In the racks after installation/plug-in of type IV by French team
    • Parts to finish assembly and installation too late
  • Connector damage
    • In US15 they are left too long on the floor
    • Other cables installation interference
  • Tester
    • Different flavor that work with different configuration of cable chain
    • Multiple laptops failure (ok now)
    • Several software updates to cope with different configurations (over last few months)
    • Getting parts in time
  • Spares installation
    • 2 spare type ii-iii EC cables installed but too short – need splicing extension
  • Defective dPPF1
    • Faulty cable was actually due to a bad channel on dPPF1 (that was marked color dots but it was used anyway)
  • Type III installation & testing
    • Difficult conditions for testing because sequence of cables installed doesn’t match order in PP3 rack, cables are set aside and plug-in has to happen for all cables when rack completed
    • Extra length to reroute on additional trays
    • Dedicated team (Russian) available to plug-in but need assistance (and all cables tested)
  • Type IV installation
    • Slow
    • interference with type II-III installation
    • Extra interaction with new team
  • Connector in situ
    • Communication with external company difficult - impossible to keep schedule as planned
    • The very first rack has 200 cables to reroute under the rack to absorb the extra length
  • People

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

  • Type II-III installation (from Marzio) by mid-June
  • New schedule is expected this week
  • Likely to go until end of June

Our schedule

  • Type IV installation end of May – going into June
  • Connector in situ/testing mid-June/end of June
  • PS crates mid-June (US side) – July (USA side)
  • PP3 assembly, installation end of May
  • All cables plugged into PP3 end of June
  • To meet this schedule we need continuous presence of people at CERN
  • Last couple of weeks went relatively well but
    • Hard/inefficient to train/instruct/introduce so many people
    • Mistakes
    • Difficulties to direct people to tasks in the pit because
    • underground access not requested or level4A not taken before hand
  • Critical area in the type II-III acceptance installation and testing
  • SCT participation very valuable to add to people who are resident
  • NEED technical participation to go into July

A.Ciocio - SCTSG

to work on cabling
To work on cabling

To sign up for shifts (and contact me because of unexpected changing in rate delivery/testing problems)

  • Safety courses:

1) basic safety training course (level 1-2-3 video in B55)

2) Level 4 for working in US15 + Oxybox (we have them)

If you have an AIS LOGIN (used for EDH documents), you can follow the course from anywhere

(even outside CERN) with AIS login by accessing

If you have no AIS LOGIN, you need to register at the following address

3) Level 4A mandatory to enter the ATLAS underground areas

This course is composed of 4 modules : Cryogeny, Evacuation, Installation and Magnet. Each of these modules is followed by a small test which you have to take and pass.

If you do not yet have an AIS login, please contact the ATLAS secretariat and ask for this AIS account (they must be registered with ATLAS). If this is not possible, we will organize special training at CERN.

4) make the access request on EDH

5) get your safety boots & helmet (or borrow them)


A.Ciocio - SCTSG

links summary
LINKS Summary
  • SCT Cables Web page

  • Mapping, technical appendices, cables related documents

  • Shifts

Shift planner (developed by D. Robinson) works very well for planning the activities and have people to sign up

  • Safety courses

Level 1-2-3 basic course for access underground and point 1

Level 4: with AIS login

Level 4A: AIS login

  • Overall Safety and Health Procedure Document PPSPS
  • Rack Wizard

ID installation

  • Tuesday mornings, CRM (control room management) meetings
  • Wednesday mornings ID/TC installation meeting

A.Ciocio - SCTSG