Ct scans of the head
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CT Scans of the Head. By Christian Chipouras. What is A Ct scan. A CT scan is also known as a computed tomography A CT scanner uses X-rays to create a 3-dimentional image of an object. It uses many 2 dimensional X-ray images to create the 3-dimentional image.

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Ct scans of the head

CT Scans of the Head

By Christian Chipouras

What is a ct scan
What is A Ct scan

  • A CT scan is also known as a computed tomography

  • A CT scanner uses X-rays to create a 3-dimentional image of an object.

  • It uses many 2 dimensional X-ray images to create the 3-dimentional image.

  • The image can be viewed in cross sections

  • Creates a clear image with many angles of viewing

Breif history
Breif History

  • Early 1900s- Alessandro Vallebona proposed a method of projecting a single slice of a body part onto a film.

  • In 1959 William Olendorf thought of scanning a head through a beam of X-rays.

  • In 1961 Olendorf built a machine that successfully used x-rays to create a 3D image.

  • The first patient was tested in 1971 and the scanner took 160 readings around 180 degrees.

  • In 1974 CT scanners were installed in hospitals.

  • Over the next 25 years faster, newer, and more efficient scanners were manufactured.

Ct scanning of the head today
CT scanning of the head today

  • Today CT scans are used to detect aneurysms, blood clots, skull injuries, strokes, brain tumors, and diseases.

  • An iodine dye is given for the patient to take before undergoing the scan so that the images can be viewed more clearly.

  • The scan creates images of cross sections of the brain and skull.

  • The complete scan takes around 5 minutes.

  • CT scans of the head the leading procedure in diagnosing problems in the head, as it creates very clear images of bones such as the skull and spine.

  • Today 6000+ scanners are in use in the US

What is being solved
What is being solved

  • A CT scanner allows us to view the interior of the head without an incision They give us clear information

  • Allow the clear imaging of tumors

  • Helps diagnose brain cancer and head problems

  • CT scans can also be used to reconstruct the faces of unidentified victims


  • Not as visible as MRI Scans

  • Costly

  • Some patients may not be able to fit in the Scanner

  • Weight limit (around 450lbs)

  • Not recommended for repeated use

  • 2 scans a year

  • Cannot be performed on a pregnant woman

  • Images of soft tissue are not as vivid as a MRI image

Future direction
Future Direction

  • Cheaper scanning and scanners

  • Less radiation used per scan

  • Smaller scanners

  • Better resolution

  • The use of non-toxic dyes

  • Faster scanning


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