status of napa implementation in bangladesh n.
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Status of NAPA Implementation in Bangladesh PowerPoint Presentation
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Status of NAPA Implementation in Bangladesh

Status of NAPA Implementation in Bangladesh

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Status of NAPA Implementation in Bangladesh

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  1. Status of NAPA Implementation in Bangladesh Least Developed Countries Expert Group stocktaking meeting on NAPA preparation and implementation Bangkok, Thailand 3-5 September 2007 Mirza Shawkat Ali

  2. Status of NAPA Implementation • Bangladesh submitted her NAPA in Nov. 2005 to UNFCCC • Consultation Meeting with all the stakeholders (SWG) to implement NAPA • A Team was formed to develop project proposal from identified NAPA priority projects • Two Project Proposals (PIF) was prepared by Department of Environment/Ministry of Environment and Forests in collaboration with UNDP, Bangladesh and was submitted to GEF for approval. • Inception workshop planned in Dhaka, Bangladesh in mid-October 2007.

  3. Project Identification Form (PIF) - 1 • Project Title: Strengthening adaptive capacities to address climate change threats on sustainable development strategies for coastal communities in Bangladesh • GEF IA: UNDP • Project Executing Agency: Department of Forest, Ministry for Environment and Forest (MOEF) • Project Duration: 4 years • GEF Focal Area: Climate Change – Adaptation • GEF Operational Program: LDCF • Approval Status: Approved by GEF.

  4. Goal, Objectives & Outcomes • The Goal of the project is to reduce vulnerability of coastal communities to impacts of climate change, including variability. • The Objective of the project is to improve the resilience of coastal populations, settlements, and ecosystems in areas exposed to coastal hazards.

  5. Goal, Objectives & Outcomes(Cont..) • The anticipated project Outcomes in support of the objective, • Climate risk reduction interventions implemented. • Capacity to address emerging hazards and risk reduction at the national and community level enhanced. • Existing and proposed national policies revised to increase robustness to climate change risks on coastal communities.

  6. Project Identification Form (PIF) - 2 • Project Title: Comprehensive Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh • Executing Agency: Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forests. • Duration: 2006-2010 • GEF Focal Area: Climate change • GEF Operational Program: SCCF

  7. Status of NAPA Implementation • WB Country Director visited DoE last week to discuss, how WB can help Bangladesh to implement Investment projects. • Recently Bangladesh has formed a committee to develop a long term Climate Change Policy and Action Plan. • DFID is expected to provide substantial amount of fund to implement comprehensive Climate Change Activities in Bangladesh, which will include priority NAPA Implementation Projects.

  8. Mainstreaming Adaptation into National Development Planning • Introduction of Climate Change screening criteria into the Project Proposal document; i.e. what will be the impact of Climate Change on the project, in other words, whether the project is climate resilient. • Ministry of Environment and Forests has already requested the NAPA SWG to prepare project proposal and look for funding from National or International sources, through their own mechanism • Generic Country Framework for Climate Resilient Development developed.

  9. Mainstreaming CC • We have identified Focal Point & Alternate Focal Points at relevant Ministries and Organizations, and has organized several 3 day long training programs on Climate Change. More than 100 Focal Points and govt. officials and NGO representatives have been trained. • Institutional Road Map for Climate Impact Prediction Modeling

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