ancient mali
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Ancient Mali

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Ancient Mali. 3 rd Grade Unit Prepared by Christine, Topher , Jamie, and Christina . Empire of Mali, 1230-1450 CE. Located South of Sahara desert in Sahel grasslands Center of trade and political power in Western Africa: Timbuktu, Djenne , Gao

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ancient mali

Ancient Mali

3rd Grade Unit

Prepared by

Christine, Topher,

Jamie, and Christina

empire of mali 1230 1450 ce
Empire of Mali, 1230-1450 CE
  • Located South of Sahara desert in Sahel grasslands
  • Center of trade and political power in Western Africa: Timbuktu, Djenne, Gao
  • Wealth and power built upon gold and salt trade and Niger River transportation and irrigation
  • Renowned for Islamic educational

and religious institutions

  • Sundiata and Mansa Musa were

most prominent historical figures

biography civic engagement
Biography/Civic Engagement
  • Read- Aloud integrating language arts
  • This same story could be told from a teacher acting as a griot.
student created timelines integrating technology
Student created timelines integrating technology
art criticism bogolans
Art Criticism - Bogolans
  • Read My Baby - pointing out patterns- drums, white snake, leopard’s spots, and crocodiles’ arms
create your own bogolan
Create your own bogolan…

Template for Bogolan: Used to plan rough draft of bogolan in pencil.

unpublished document peace corps blog
Unpublished Document: Peace Corps Blog
  • Rich resource for first-hand accounts
    • 103 different countries
    • Varied themes and discussions
    • Entries must be read in detail before assigning to students
    • Blog entry selections can be copied into Word and made available on computers or as hard copy
  • Cultural anthropology
mario romero soundougouba mali october 23 blog
Mario Romero, Soundougouba Mali October 23 blog
  • Broad range of topics
  • Short captions
  • Appropriate content
  • Multiple photographs of village life
primary activities
Primary Activities
  • Independent
    • Describe a blog photograph and

draw a picture of a similar scene from own life

    • Explain similarities and differences
  • Small GroupActivities
    • Create poster of “A Day In the Life of Two Children”
    • Use blog photographs to create a brief story of a Malian child’s typical morning
    • Draw pictures and write story of typical morning in own community
more primary activities
More Primary Activities
  • Whole Group
    • Categorize blog photographs
    • Share observations about similarities and differences
    • Brainstorm: What else would you like to know about Malian village life?
intermediate activities
Intermediate Activities
  • Independent
    • Write observation about blog photograph
    • What else would you like to learn about life in Mali?
    • Find one unknown term used in blog, research it, and write definition.
  • Small Group Activities
    • Create “compare and contrast chart” between own daily lives and lives of Mali families. Use blog photos for Mali observations. For U.S. section, write short paragraph and use personal photographs, magazine pictures, or drawings
    • Research and write definitions for two unknown vocabulary terms.
more intermediate activities
More Intermediate Activities
  • Whole Group
    • Brainstorm similarities and differences between your daily lives and the lives of the Mali families from the blogto create “compare and contrast chart.”
    • What additional information is important when comparing Malian and U.S. cultures? Use internet to research these questions and general country information.
religious artifact
Religious Artifact
  • Conversation with my Vice Principle

Merry Christmas

  • The problem with ‘Pillars’

Use of language is important

  • Don’t make a farce

Time and place for create writing

culture of ancient mali lives on
Culture of Ancient Mali Lives On
  • Griots still part of culture- performing traditional instruments and retelling stories at rituals
  • Continued worship of spirits- wear decorative masks in rituals
  • Pottery and weaving maintained with same techniques
  • Farming remains similar
  • Exploring Ancient Mali gives learners a glimpse of present day West Africa