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  1. What’s the Deal with Those Ridiculously LongURL Addresses and How Do You Get Rid of the Annoying Underlines and Turn the Blue Back to Black?!

  2. First, let’s talk about source slips and citation tags…1) Make sure that your source slips are correctly filled out. There should be no scribbles.2) Write the correct parenthetical citation tag for each source slip. Put it on the slip in the upper left hand corner where on the line next to “Alphabetical Order.”write a URL (web address) as your parenthetical citation.When you write the URL on your source slip or your works cited page, stop when it gets weird. Never

  3. WEIRD <>.

  4. NOT WEIRD <>. This is called truncating, or shortening, the address to a manageable length. Truncate the address to its dot org, dot com, dot edu, etc. One could easily find your exact web page by first going to this address.

  5. Now, all is fine since you have written this first by hand.

  6. BUT, when you type your Works Cited page, your address will magically become blue and underlined:

  7. HMPH!

  8. And even though you typed in the angle brackets like you were supposed to, they went away when you typed a period. To remove the underline, right click and choose “remove hyperlink.” Type the angle brackets again. <>.

  9. Also, you can hit “Backspace” once and things should be restored to their desired condition!

  10. If you are using MS Word on a Mac, you can highlight the address, go to the “Insert” menu and choose “Hyperlink.” Then, when the window pops up, click on “Remove Hyperlink” in the bottom left corner.

  11. Also, you can highlight the address, click on “U” for “underline” twice.

  12. The Bottom Line:

  13. There is no excuse for blue URLs on your Works Cited page. There is no excuse for underlined URLs on your Works Cited page. 