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Reconnecting to CSCOPE

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Reconnecting to CSCOPE. Ft. Hancock ISD. Welcoming Comments . Content of Folder Norms and Goals Celfonias quieti Relaxio frequenti Longus lunchus Distractos minimus Attitudios positivus Practicius aplenti Expertus becomus Me thinkus CSCOPUS Fantasticus !. What is CSCOPE?.

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welcoming comments
Welcoming Comments
  • Content of Folder
  • Norms and Goals
    • Celfoniasquieti
    • Relaxiofrequenti
    • Longuslunchus
    • Distractosminimus
    • Attitudiospositivus
    • Practiciusaplenti
    • Expertusbecomus
    • Me thinkus CSCOPUS Fantasticus!
what is cscope
What is CSCOPE?
  • True or False?
    • CSCOPE is a big company. The guy who owns it has a mansion on the hill in Austin.
      • FALSE
what is cscope1
What is CSCOPE?
  • CSCOPE is a HUGE moneymaking operation.
    • FALSE
  • CSCOPE is only about the TAKS test!
    • FALSE
  • The documents are written by a couple of people with strong opinions. BIASED!
    • FALSE
  • CSCOPE is going to make my life harder. It’s just the latest new thing to come along.
    • FALSE!
what is cscope2
What is CSCOPE?
  • True or False?
    • CSCOPE is a big company. The guy who owns it has a mansion on the hill in Austin.
      • FALSE
    • Everything is written by people who aren’t even in the classroom. What do they know?
      • FALSE
    • CSCOPE is textbook-driven.
      • FALSE
First Grade




Second Grade Standards

Third Grade Standards

Second Grade Standards

Fourth Grade Standards

Fifth Grade Standards




Will our kids be college ready?

facts about the teks
Facts about the TEKS
  • The TEKS are a framework for curriculum development. They were NEVER intended to be the curriculum.
  • TEKS do have including and such as statements.
  • 7.4B Use preventative safety equipment,

including chemical splash goggles,

aprons, and gloves and be prepared

to use emergency safety equipment,

including an eye/face wash, a fire

blanket, and a fire extinguisher.

  • 6.3C   Identify advantages and limitations of models such as size, scale, properties, and materials.
facts about the teks1
Facts about the TEKS
  • Many have nothing at all as far as specificity!

**Example—Science 5.6D

  • TEKS and SE’s are different.
    • 5.6 is one of the TEKS.
    • 5.6D is an SE which fall below the TEKS.

5.6 Force, motion and energy. The

student knows that energy occurs in

many forms and can be observed in

cycles, patterns, and systems. The

student is expected to:

5.6D Design an experiment that tests the effect of force on an object.

teks revisions
TEKS Revisions
  • Purpose: To add clarity and specificity.
  • ELA taught this year. Tested 2010/2011.
  • Science taught 2010-2011. Tested 2011-2012.
  • Social Studies taught 2011-2012. Tested 2012-2013.
  • Math TEKS will be revised in 2012-2013.
  • Although becoming clearer, it’s still NOT enough!
  • CSCOPE has created “Specificities” to help you.
  • Word of the day?
So what does CSCOPE

have to offer?

cscope curriculum resources
CSCOPE Curriculum Resources
  • CSCOPE covers the 4 core subjects K-12:
    • ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
    • Teachers have access to all four K-12 tools regardless of assignment.
  • CSCOPE has 5 main documents:
    • Vertical Alignment Document (VAD)
    • Year at-a-Glance (YAG)
    • Instructional Focus Document (IFD)
    • Unit Assessments
    • Exemplar Lessons
Vertical Alignment

Document (VAD)

Standards 12-K in

the Core Content Areas

creation of the vad vertical alignment document
Creation of the VAD(Vertical Alignment Document)
  • Adding Clarity and Specificity to the TEKS through the use of released TAKS tests, TAKS information booklets, TEA produced study guides, Dana Center materials, etc.
  • Alignment of TEKS from a 12-K perspective
    • Begin with the end in mind!
vertical alignment document vad
Vertical Alignment Document(VAD)
  • The “What” of Teaching
  • Visually represents students’ learning for their entire academic career
  • Provides specificity
  • Supports a vertical continuum
  • Identifies tested standards
  • Reflects most current information
Year at a Glance:

TEKS bundled into


units of study

14 days

10 days

6 days

year at a glance yag
Year At A Glance(YAG)

“Scope and Sequence”

Topics, order, and suggested timing.

Flex time.

Tested taught prior to TAKS.

Coherent units of study.

Print and highlight tested TEKS.

how do you envision the year at a glance supporting your instruction
How do you envision the Year at a Glance supporting your instruction?

The Year at a Glance will support my instruction by…

Provides a suggested timeline to ensure that each standard is taught within a school year

Addresses all testable TEKS prior to TAKS administration

Sequences instruction so students spend more time on the important standards for each grade level



Instructional Focus

Documents (IFD):

Units of Study with

Conceptual Focus

Lay the VAD, YAG, the IFD and the Lesson side-by-side…

Academic Career

Whole Year

One unit from YAG

instructional focus document ifd
Instructional Focus Document(IFD)
  • The “How”
  • Focus for one unit of the year
  • Highlights key components that should be considered when developing instruction


The Focus

of the


And When

Unit Assessments:

Aligning the written, tested,

and taught curriculum

unit assessments
Unit Assessments
  • Aligned to the Instructional Focus Document
  • Grades K-1 performance based
  • Grades 2-12 written assessments
  • Unit assessments
    • multiple choice
    • open-ended
    • griddableitems
    • prompt-based
    • SAT/ACT format
unit assessments pre planning tool
Unit Assessments(Pre-Planning Tool)
  • Analyze the unit assessment before instruction
  • Read the assessment through the lens of your students
  • Anticipate challenges/obstacles
  • Purposefully plan instruction for this unit with those identified challenges/obstacles in mind
  • Analyze your graded unit assessments to reflect on instruction/intervention strategies
Lesson Frameworks:

Detailed Daily Lesson Plans

the 5e model
The 5E Model
  • Engage
    • Attention grabbing activities to tap into student’s prior knowledge.
  • Explore
    • Investigative opportunities to discover new learning; constructivist approach to learning
  • Explain
    • Student explains their findings from the exploration portion of the lesson. Teacher formalize the students knowledge of the content.
  • Elaborate
    • Extension; makes connections
  • Evaluate
    • Performance Indicator: Your summative assessment
exemplar lessons
Exemplar Lessons
  • The “How”
  • Adheres to the content and cognitive expectations of the standards
  • 5E/Balanced Literacy
  • A comprehensive guide to instruction
does cscope work
Does CSCOPE Work?

New Curriculum Raises

Student Performance

Lay the VAD, YAG, the IFD and the Lesson side-by-side…

Academic Career

Whole Year

One unit from YAG

One lesson from the unit

A Model for Continuous Improvement

Vertical Alignment

Document (VAD):

Standards 12-K

In Core Content Areas:

Aligned and Specific




Daily Lesson Plans:

Detailed Daily Lesson Plans


TEKS Bundled into

Coherent Units of Study

Instructional Focus

Documents (IFD):

Units of Study with

Conceptual Focus


Please contact me with questions as they arise.

Areli Meza

(915) 780-5040

Contact CSCOPE ESC 19 Director:

[email protected]

You can also leave a sticky note with your question(s) at the “Parking Lot” and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for attending…have a restful and safe summer.