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Systematic Filing and Shelving System

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Systematic Filing and Shelving System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Any place which has official work being conducted on a regular basis or places with storage needs require a well organized and systematic filing or shelving system.

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The Major Benefits of Filing and Shelving Systems

Any place which has official work being conducted on a regular basis or places with storage

needs require a well organized and systematic filing or shelving system. Corporate places like

offices need to maintain proper records of files and documents, whereas a place like a retail

store or supermarket necessitates Supermarket Shelving Kenya, USA, UK or any other


Shelving systems

These days, there are many types of shelving systems out there to cater to specific shelving

needs. These needs depend upon the mass, weight and quantity of products to be placed on

shelves. Shelves are most commonly found at record stores and supermarkets where many

products and items need to be shelved on a daily basis.

So, such a requirement would need not only ample storage space, but also easy storage options

and sufficient free space to store new daily arrivals. The best option for such a requirement is

the supermarket shelving systems. There are many brands that manufacture such shelving

systems which comprise of different and multiple shelf levels. These shelves are easily movable

and can be shifted without interfering with the arrangement of a store.

These shelving systems are readily available in various sizes and storage capacities and come in

different finishes and body materials such as aluminum, melamine and wood among others.

Such shelving systems are very sturdy and well supported. They can easily bare the combined

weight of hundreds of items and offer enough free space for the arrival of fresher products.

The need for the amount of storage space differs from one supermarket to the other. This is

because there is a difference in sales and supply. Thus, different shelving systems such as

gondola shelving and wall shelving can be used to fulfill any supermarket storage need.

Supermarket shelving needs cover storage for:

•Fresh commodities

•Chilled and frozen goods and beverages

•Baked goods

•Deli counters

•Packets, tin cans and jars


•Magazines and books

•Convenience foods

•Clothing and toys

Accessories such as dustbins, stacking wired baskets, dividers for shelves and shelf risers can be

used to enhance functionality.

Bulk Filing Systems

Such filing systems are perfect for storing and preserving files and various other documents.

These do not need an aisle between shelves which adds to the convenience in filing documents.

Bulk filing systems are very cost effective when it comes to filing units with leveled rails.

These filing systems can easily be shifted from one section of an office to another as per the

office décor and layout. Moreover, these bulk filing systems have added options of drawers and

pull out trays that add a touch of class when combined with wired racks. These racks provide

support to soft files when placed on standard shelves.

The drawers can be secured with locks for confidential documents and files to be kept secure

and to prevent them from damage from dust and insects.

There is a wide range of available filing systems in the market that come in different storage

capacities and bodies of aluminum, wood, steel, etc. These are very reliable and sturdy and can

serve for years upon their purchase.

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