The Importance of Proper Shelving in a Library
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Library Shelving for Well Organized Library - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It may seem as though the advancement of science and technology has made books and libraries obsolete, but this is certainly not the case.

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Library shelving for well organized library

The Importance of Proper Shelving in a Library

It may seem as though the advancement of science and technology has made books and libraries

obsolete, but this is certainly not the case. Although many youngsters may use high–tech digital reading

devices, there are many people who still prefer reading the old fashioned way. Therefore, university or

public libraries need to conduct proper Library shelving methods to keep their library well organized and


Why do libraries need efficient shelving?

Since avid readers and scholars of various genres of literature rely on libraries for their research

purpose, the school, university or public library needs to be kept in a well maintained order.

Library shelving systems offer a rather simplistic approach to the accessibility of books available on loan

for readers. Moreover, an effective archive storage calls for adequate storage methods. It is due to this

reason that the books are kept in sections and rows and are arranged in alphabetical order. Whether the

alphabetical order pertains to the title or the author depends on the respective library’s shelving

practices. Other than this, the books are further subdivided based on respective genres such as mystery,

science fiction, history, literature and so on.

Since books can range from light to really heavy weight, the shelves they are stored in need to be made

of very good quality material and the design needs to be sturdy and spacious. Most libraries keep this in

mind while also considering the accessibility factor. Many libraries offer students library Lockers Uganda

facilities for safe storage of their books and periodicals or other personal items they want to keep safe.

Great ideas of shelving systems

Now, there are two types of shelving units that are both manufactured and available in the market

today. These are the traditional and modern units. Both of these types of units are manufactured with

the same durable materials that serve as damage proof units. They can easily withstand the weight of

hundreds of books and offer great storage space for decades to come.

Library shelving systems must be well-made, ingenious and protected since both the library or shelve

manufacturers will be held liable for any injury caused to any patron. This is one of the major reasons for

applying these best shelving practices by libraries.

Library shelving for well organized library

So, library shelving plays a key role in determining the efficiency of a library. This is one of the aspects

which separate an ordinary library to a great one. To run a really efficient and accessible library that

increases the number of visits by patrons in the locality, the library will have to make best use of the

available area on the property.

It will have to store quality books in the limited storage space on the shelves and in a well organized

manner. In case of small libraries, it is always advised to use mobile shelving systems as opposed to

traditional shelving methods since it will not only save up on floor space but offer more storage space

for future arrivals.

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