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Good Quality Glassware in Kenya PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Quality Glassware in Kenya

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Good Quality Glassware in Kenya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Quality Glassware in Kenya

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  1. New Range in Glassware and Tableware Unveiled Nairobi: Kenya’s leading retail chain Topaz International has unveiled a new range of outstanding glassware. It is ahead in the market with many world-class international brands in its portfolio. According to the MD, the demand for glassware products is growing 36 percent per annum as all meals nowadays are paired with a drink. That may be juice, milk, soft drinks or just water. Any dinnerware would be incomplete without good quality Glassware Kenya bought along with it. He said his company had done thorough market research and found that plates and glasses are basic needs and the glassware choice is highly linked with the lifestyles of the customer. Also the usage patterns are different, simple drinking glassware is remarkable because of its relative heaviness with the 1 inch thick base that is really sturdy. He said the drinking set is layered beautifully for dual use as glasses also have a more formal dining setting. The Bar juice glass has been ideally designed for serving juices to family and guests. Made of tempered glass it can be stacked without any problem or risk of breaking them. The new range of glassware gives a comfortable feel and works well with soft drinks. For alcoholic drinks such as cocktails there is a sub range that is dishwasher safe. He also mentioned a 24 ounce tumbler glass set for casual parties and gatherings. One interesting trend, the MD noted, was kitchenware integrating into the home décor industry, making Kitchen Linens & Table Mats Kenya an interesting choice because of its properties to enhance the decor, hygiene and style. The latest range of kitchen accessories launched are export quality kitchen and table linen including table cloths, table runners, napkins, table mats, aprons and mittens. He said kitchen related linens are drawing more export orders. Cotton as a material makes it more popular and linen gained approval as the new preferred fabric for most markets. The use of linen is great from an environmental point of view as it uses 10-20 times less energy than other natural or synthetic material. Preferences for kitchen and table linen vary according to the changing seasons and one’s home décor. Red, blue, orange and pastels are ideal for summer, while darker colors such as black, brown, grey and grayscale colours are great for the winter.

  2. Topaz International mats and table mats are beautifully crafted and the MD said linen and cotton mats are highly embellished with laces of unique color combinations. Also offered are jute table mats that are user friendly and in natural golden color to attract international customers. Source URL: