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\"What we sell are waxes, shampoos and oils, argan and jojoba base \" says Manuel Gonzalez, Beard Czar a spokesman and who points out that the effect of these substances is to feed the hair follicle and moisturize the skin.

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According to the specialist, the beard is a genetic trait. "Whoever is going to be bearded bearded. It has

nothing to see which products apply. Beard Czar In addition, shave followed only produces skin irritation

, "said Paez.

For those who do the latter, the alert specialist about a condition called pseudofoliculitis, which is the

tendency for the hair to grow inside the skin, Beard Czar produced by the flush shaven. Nor it does go

weeks without shaving, he says, and also help rule out tonics for baldness, as they can also irritate the


So what options do you seek further expediting the way to a manly beard?

Paez also says that food is key. Protein, amino acids and iron-containing foods are essential for stronger

hair and improve their growth.

The dermatologist says that there are some organic substances that provide moisture to the skin and

help create conditions for further growth, Beard Czar but clarifies that only work on those who already

have facial hair. One of these substances is argan oil , rich in ingredients that nourish the hair. In fact,

the culture of the Berbers in North Africa have used it for centuries for this purpose.