edrl 442 10 22 12 kindergarten read aloud and shared reading
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EDRL 442 10-22-12 Kindergarten Read Aloud and Shared Reading

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EDRL 442 10-22-12 Kindergarten Read Aloud and Shared Reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDRL 442 10-22-12 Kindergarten Read Aloud and Shared Reading. Use these to provide: *Lots of modeling for -developing oral language -left to right/top to bottom -fluency -and? *TO, WITH, BY. My First Thanksgiving By Tomie dePaola. Color Turkey Feathers.

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edrl 442 10 22 12 kindergarten read aloud and shared reading
EDRL 442 10-22-12Kindergarten Read Aloud and Shared Reading

Use these to provide:

*Lots of modeling for

-developing oral language

-left to right/top to bottom




My First Thanksgiving

By TomiedePaola

color turkey feathers
Color Turkey Feathers

Mr. Turkey was so sad,

He lost the feathers he once had.

Now he wants us to help him find

All the feathers of his kind.

We will look both high and low

We will find them, don’t you know?

Here’s a red one and a blue,

Look, we’ve found a yellow one, too!

guided reading in k
Guided Reading in K
  • Reading strategies in EDRL 461
    • Picture clues
    • Predicting
    • Look for word chunks
    • Get your mouth ready
beginning writing in k
Beginning Writing in K

*Oral language development

*Shared Reading

*Read Aloud

*Modeled writing

*Interactive writing

*Language Experience stories

*Journals—many in the representational level

*Sequencing…beginning, middle, end

developmental writing stages
Developmental Writing Stages
  • Stage 1: Pre-Emergent Writer
  • Stage 2: Emergent Writer
  • Stage 3: Early Writer
  • http://www.sedubois.k12.in.us/~jblackgrove/stages_of_writing.htm
steps to first grade reading
Steps to First Grade Reading

*Balanced Literacy components

*Phonics instruction

*Reading strategies

read aloud and shared reading activity

Thanksgiving Is…

By Gail Gibbons

(sung to the tune of "Clementine")
  • Albuquerque is a turkeyAnd he's feathered and he's fineAnd he wobbles and he gobblesand he's absolutely mine.He's the best pet that you can get..Better than a dog or cat.He's my Albuquerque turkeyAnd I'm awfully proud of that.He once told me , very franklyhe preferred to be my pet,not the main course at my dinner,and I told him not to fret.And my Albuquerque turkeyis so happy in his bed,'Cause for our Thanksgiving dinner...We had egg foo yong instead.
word study bear invernezzi templeton johnston
Word Study(Bear, Invernezzi, Templeton & Johnston
  • Picture sorts
  • Concept sorts
  • Letter-sound correspondence sorts
  • Same-vowel word families
  • Mixed-vowel word families
  • Word Hunt
  • Word Bank
  • Word Wall
  • High-frequency word study
  • Word strips
  • Word Study Notebooks
  • Dictation
  • Word games
sight words
Sight words

Definition: words that are immediately recognizable and do not need to be decoded

  • Sight Word Facts:
    • These are the most frequently used words
    • They make up about 50%-75% of our written text
    • Students will read more fluently if they have learned to recognize sight words instantly
”Sight words” is the term for words that readers should recognize instantly. Recognition is important because sight words are so frequently used—making up, by some estimates, 50 to 75 percent of all words that children are likely to encounter. It is also important because many of them do not sound as they are spelled, making them difficult to sound out using knowledge of phonics. Having the sight words within his or her repertoire gives the child a better chance to grapple with more difficult and infrequent words without losing the sense of what is being read.
more sight word information
More Sight Word Information
  • Dolch or Fry or? Sight words
  • http://www.fishforwords.com/docs/fry_sight_word_list_100_by_25.pdf
  • Phrases
  • http://www.oe.k12.mi.us/balanced_literacy/fry_word_lists.htm
  • Sight word games and songs
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSNgWshUlkY
  • http://www.rainbowwords.com/samples.html
  • http://www.littlegiraffes.com/literacysightwords.html
first grade strategies in guided reading
First Grade Strategies in Guided Reading
  • Decoding
  • Comprehension---”Thinking” Strategies
  • Sight Words