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Bounce Rate Impact On SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Bounce Rate Impact On SEO

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Bounce Rate Impact On SEO
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Bounce Rate Impact On SEO

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  1. Bounce Rate Impact On SEO

  2. What Is Bounce Rate? • The percentage of visitors to a particular • website who navigate away from the • site after viewing only one page. • Bounce rate is a • measure of the • effectiveness of a website • in encouraging • visitors to continue with • their visit.

  3. How To Calculate Bounce Rate? Rb = Tv/Te Where Rb = Bounce Rate. Tv = Total Number of visits viewing one page only. Te = Total Entries to the page.

  4. How to Check Bounce Rate In Google Analytics? Open Google Analytics of your website. Check your website bounce rate on the row. Bounce Rate Should Be low

  5. Reasons for Increasing Bounce Rate By Bad Navigation. Too Many Ad’s. Bad Content Structure. Use Of Unnecessary Audio and Video. Registration Requirement. Boring Content and Boring Design. Poor Legibility Lack of Frequency

  6. Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate: 1.User-Friendly Navigation. 2. Good Content Strategy. 3.Loading Time Optimization. 4.Interesting and Attractive Design. 5. Avoid Registration Requirement.

  7. User Friendly Navigation: Nothing Frustrates a Website Visitor More Than A Website That is Hard To Navigate. Tips to Create a User-Friendly Navigation: 1. Your Website Navigation Should be Logical, Intuitive and Easy To Understand. 2. Try Grouping Navigation Elements in Central Area For Large Website, Try To add Site Map. 3. Understand the user and determine the design and Navigation.

  8. Good Content Strategy: Bad Content structure will Destroy Your Contention and conversion rate. Tips get Good Content Structure: Group Similar Content in a Similar and Concise Manner. 2. Try to Use Bold Headings for the content which you have Highlighted and the keywords that you have targeted. 3. Use Informative content in the sequential Order.

  9. Loading Time Optimization: Loading Time Plays a Major Role Since Time is more precious in Internet. Tips for Loading Time Optimization: 1. Use Latest Frameworks to avoid slow loading of your web page . 2. Using Image optimization Techniques can Considerably Increase your page loading Speed.

  10. Interesting and Attractive Design: Design Always attract the visitors If your Design is Attractive. It will surely drive you more traffic for the 2nd time . Tips to Create a interactive Design: Use Latest Frameworks such as SCASS, LESS, Jquery Libraries etc to Create a more Interactive website in a easy way. 2. Use Attractive colors as per your website theme, Use or for color combinations.

  11. Avoid Registration Requirement: It is the foremost problem in which you may loss many of good visitors. More than 50% of visitors fails to register on the forced registration form. Tips to avoid the registration Requirement: Avoid Putting barrier between You and your user. 2. Instead for collecting email Id’s you can use the pop up with a close option or a roll over pop-up box.

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