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DoD Hiring Reform PowerPoint Presentation
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DoD Hiring Reform

DoD Hiring Reform

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DoD Hiring Reform

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  1. DoD Hiring Reform Jean Mercer Director, HR Systems and Business Transformation Office of Civilian Human Resources April 2010

  2. Outline • DoD Hiring SWAT/Reform • DON Hiring Reform • DoD Hiring Reform Metrics 2 HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  3. Executive Office of The President Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Department of Defense (DoD) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness (USD(P&R)) OPM Strategic Plan 2010-2015 DoD Strategic Management Plan (SMP) Performance Objectives for USD(P&R) Strategic Plan FY2010-12 Strategic Goal 1: Recruit and hire the most talented and diverse Federal workforce possible to serve the American people Business Priority 4: Enhance the Civilian Workforce Goal 3: Shape and maintain a mission-ready civilian workforce Formed DoD Executive Hiring Reform SWAT Team External Hiring Reform Drivers HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  4. DoD Hiring SWAT Team Deliverables • Streamlined Job Opportunity Announcements (JOAs) • As part of the DoD Hiring SWAT, CPMS released 25 DoD job announcement templates to be used across DoD • These templates were created by CPMS and OSD Functional Community Managers and input from the component senior executives • Map Agency’s (DoD) Delegated Examining Hiring process & overlay with OPM E2E Roadmap • Applicant notification @ minimum of 4 key points • DoD Hiring Process Action Plan • Monuments & Barriers • Best Practices • Action Plan • Communication & Measures HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  5. DoD Hiring Action Plan 23 Action Items • Process • Develop a long-term Strategic Workforce Plan for all Components aligned with DoD's Strategic Human Capital Plan • Implement Streamlined Job Opportunity Announcements • Execute recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates • Build an improved assessment strategy to increase confidence in candidate screening and reduce rework • Determine feasibility of a flexible Entry on Duty (EOD) effective date • Standardize and streamline the on-boarding experience • Define standard processes, measures, and reports for hiring process • Training • Leverage and share existing planning resources • Develop a Manager Toolkit • Implement HR Training Program • Implement Manager Training Program • Improve training for new hires and managers • Develop a Leadership Briefcase • Outreach - • Communication • & Marketing • Engage & establish relationships among stakeholders involved in the planning phase of the hiring process • Develop a DoD-wide centralized career information portal • Create Message Maps and Key Artifacts to raise awareness of the new hiring process among managers and change behavior • Standardize Surveys • Communicate Wolfpack Items to OPM • Publish new reports based on standard processes, measures and reports defined in Action 21 • Technology • Develop automated tools for building staffing plans and recruitment strategies that are integrated with the Strategic Workforce Plan • Develop a short-term Staffing Plan for next Fiscal Year (FY) • Develop a short-term Recruitment Strategy for next FY • Implement 4 applicant notifications through USAJOBS • Develop and Roll out an Enterprise Staffing Solution Tool • Expand use of USAStaffing for DE and other hiring authorities DON HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  6. DON Hiring Reform Action Plan Process *Define & develop stakeholder performance expectations & scorecard *Publish & Deploy Common Business Processes: -RCBP -RPA Handling -Classification *Continuation of streamlined JOAs *Further CPI events for areas such as Employment Suitability Training *HR Competencies *Hiring Managers on Hiring Flexibilities, including veterans *Leverage training resources from DoD and OPM, Portal for Hiring Managers and Veterans’ Flexibilities * Strategic Workforce Planning Computer Based Training (SWP CBT) *Being Developed: DON GS Classification & Compensation CBT Policy *Issuance of SECNAVs with policy and guidance, such as: -Staffing & Employment -Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) *Direct Hire Authorities *Expedited Hiring Authorities Outreach - Comm & Mktg *Leverage Leadership support for cultural change/change mgmt *Secure Marketing Firm *OCHR Portal *Leverage communication opportunities such as: -WAR -DASN Newsletter -DON HR Conference -Dashboard *Market products resulting from DoD Hiring Process Action Plan Technology *Legacy Applications – moratorium on updates/enhancements -RESUMIX -CHART *Analyze interim systems -USA Staffing -Skills Rater -Hiring Gateway *Future DoD Enterprise - ?? -Defense Enterprise Hiring System (DEHS) – formerly “ESS” *Federal Hiring Tool?? 6

  7. DON Hiring Reform - Technology Recruitment Common Business Process (RCBP) Long-Term Environment Interim Environment Resumix DE Skills Rater ? DoD DEHS or Federal Tool?? USA Jobs Interface OPM Resumes - TBD Hiring Gateway Job Announcement – TBD Applicant Status – Jul 10 CHART Enhanced Status & Password USA Jobs Interface OPM USA Staffing OPM (Interim) Electronic EOD eOPF – unfunded, to be submitted 7

  8. Defense Enterprise Hiring Solution (DEHS) DEHS officially initiated DoD Business Transformation Agency has oversight responsibility Currently working on acquisition strategy Q1 FY12: estimated contract award date DoD Enterprise Core Team (ECT) reactivated – First action: identify priority core functionality for phased approach Priority - replace Resumix Vacancy strategy (assessment) Applicant evaluation Referral process 8

  9. DoD Hiring Metrics WorkgroupDeliverables • Identify a common set of DoD hiring timeliness metrics that can be used to comply with the Office of Personnel Management’s End-To-End Hiring Initiative and associated SWAT teams • Review OPM’s End-To-End metrics to ensure they are addressed by DoD • Establish DoD Performance Expectations – per metrics from OPM Hiring Roadmap 9 HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  10. DoD Hiring Reform Metrics Workgroup E2E Initiation To EOD Timeliness Present - FY2011 DoD Hiring Metrics Workgroup DON Co-Leads: Howie Brosseau & Lisa Becker DON/USMC DLA Army DFAS Air Force Hiring Process Metrics Reports Quarterly To DoD for OPM/ OMB • OPM • Hiring • Process • Metrics • DE Only • Long-term • Expand to • MPP/Other E2E % Within 80-days Present - FY2011 Scorecard Progress To Expectations Targets Present - FY2011 E2E Timeliness by Process Steps Present - FY2011 Waste Re-Work FY2012 10 HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept

  11. DoD Report CardHiring Timeline for DE

  12. Near-term - DRAFTPerformance Expectations External: Delegated Examining (DE) – DON level numbers in BLUE Internal: Merit Promotion Program (MPP) – DON level numbers in BLUE

  13. Near-term - DRAFT Hiring Performance Scorecard • Next Steps • Working Group needs to tackle this after metrics and performance expectations are established • Issues to resolve include • Frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, other? • What constitutes Green, Yellow, Red measures? • Impact of CPMS/DoD Scorecard – TBD (but working) • When: Approximately 6-months, by 1-July-2010 on current schedule • Complete Scorecard • Who, what, when , where and how

  14. Questions Send comments and recommendations on: Systems: Hiring Reform: Metrics: 14 HR Systems & Business Transformation Dept